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  • IAPSS World Congress 2015 London

    "The Politics of Conflict and Cooperation"
    The largest political science conference around the world is taking place from April 14th until 17th 2015 in the City of London, followed by the 20th IAPSS General Assembly on April 18th
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  • About the International Association for Political Science Students

    The International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) is a platform for political science students and students interested in political science issues. The association is international, politically independent, non-profit and student-run, and aims to have global impact in the political science sphere. The International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) is the only organization representing students of political science and related studies – worldwide. IAPSS seeks to strengthen the academic profile and methodological skills, to broaden the global understanding of the discipline of political science.


  • Recent IAPSS News

    • November 17, 2014

      Call for Applications: Conference Program Coordinator

      The International Association for Political Science Students is launching a Call for Applications for a “Conference Program Coordinator” within the Congress Management Department. Please keep in mind that this position is voluntary.   About the Department Every year IAPSS organizes two
    • November 7, 2014

      IAPSS launches its new website!

      Today we can finally and proudly announce our brand new website, with a fresh, clean and modern look. We completely restructured the structure of our pages and significantly reviewed the content that we offered at www.iapss.org. Brand new is also our IAPSS Web Store, one single marketplace where
    • November 3, 2014

      Arrivals and Departures in the Executive Committee

      Following the elections during the 19th IAPSS General Assembly, the Executive Committee has undergone a few major changes. We welcome the former Head of Events Department Jannick Burggraaff now as Head of Congress Management. Jannick will be in charge of coordinating the World Congress 2015 in
    • November 3, 2014

      Applications for the World Congress 2015 have now opened!

      From today onwards, it is possible to apply for the IAPSS World Congress 2015 in London. Go to our web store to purchase your package. All information on the conference can be found at www.iapssworldcongress.org. Please note that IAPSS individual membership is required to participate in the
    • November 1, 2014

      New Expert Session Online: “How to Give Your Ideas Wings” by Nenad Koprivica

      This month we spoke to Mr Nenad Koprivica from Centar za demokratiju i ljudska prava (CEDEM) in Podgorica, Montenegro. Tune in here for some valuable tips on how to get into the Human Rights and Democracy fields, and hear what Nenad has to say about the NGO sector, some problems he faces as well as
  • A Different View Articles

    • November 25, 2014

      Piketty for dummies: could there be an international progressive tax on capital?

      In his book, Capital in the 21st Century, economist Thomas Piketty describes the history of inequality in the 19th and 20th century and forecasts what the current situation implies for the future. The data he uses show that income inequality has increased significantly in the rich countries since
    • November 5, 2014

      The implications of Lord Voldemort’s involvement in China-Japan relations

      Japanese ambassador Keiichi Hayashi and Chinese ambassador Liu Xiaoming, both envoys to the United Kingdom, had an interesting yet fiery diplomatic exchange early this year. What makes this correspondence interesting is its reference to Harry Potter’s arch-nemesis, Lord Voldemort. “If
    • November 4, 2014

      A Twilight saga continues: Deterrence

      Deterrence is one of the most important theories and practices that influenced the US foreign policy thinking and making. In this sense, it is very much akin to “containment, which is the best known Cold War strategy of the United States. With George and Smoke’s words “deterrence
    • November 3, 2014

      Global Health and Diplomacy: A means to containing the contagion?

      Borders no longer exist when you talk about health. This rings true at present for a world which has undergone through changes of a global nature which in turn have created as well, global problems/challenges needing effective collective action. Such global problems contain the issues of climate
    • October 29, 2014

      The conflict in Ukraine: Symptom of a power struggle between two ‘empires’

      At the event of the signing of the Association Agreement between the European Union (EU) and Ukraine last 27th of June, the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroschenko, was tightly held by José Manuel Barroso, the president of the European Commission and Herman van Rompuy, the president of the
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