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    The International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) is a platform for political science students and students interested in political science issues. The association is international, politically independent, non-profit and student-run, and aims to have global impact in the political science sphere. The International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) is the only organization representing students of political science and related studies – worldwide. IAPSS seeks to strengthen the academic profile and methodological skills, to broaden the global understanding of the discipline of political science.


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    Membership comes already at 15EUR/year, with reduced rates for those students that come from less privileged backgrounds.
  • Latest ADV articles

    • November 29, 2015

      Ethnic Politics as a cause of Ethnic Inequalities in Africa

      The President of the United States, Barack Obama, recently stated the following during his state visit in Kenya in 2015: ‘‘Politics that’s based solely on tribe and ethnicity is politics that’s doomed to tear a country apart,”.
    • November 20, 2015

      Obama’s Legacy!

      On Friday, 20 Jan, 2017 will be Obama’s last day in the office. (By the way, the next president will be chosen on November 8, 2016)  The President of the United States (known as POTUS) is important because, what the POTUS does or doesn’t in
    • October 13, 2015

      Inequality as cause of the Greek crisis

      Written in collaboration with Dr. Winfred van de Put A sunny night in Glyfada, the beautiful people of Athens entrust their elegant cars to valet service, to enjoy a cocktail, good company and the sunset at the beach. The crisis, which prompted some
    • October 5, 2015

      “Dacian obsession and other Romanian meanderings” – Humanitas, 2015, Dan Alexe – book review

      In the spirit of Laitin’s seminal works on language and nation-building, Dan Alexe’s 2015 book  attempts an innovative multi-layered deconstruction (at least in Romanian audiences) of  mainstream as well as hetorodox mythologies of
    • October 4, 2015

      Same same, that’s different

      For the second time in this year and for the fifth time in six years, the Greek electorate has been called to the ballot box, and in years past, the only predictable thing about these elections has been their unpredictability. In less than a decade,