• About the International Association for Political Science Students

    The International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) is a platform for political science students and students interested in political science issues. The association is international, politically independent, non-profit and student-run, and aims to have global impact in the political science sphere. The International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) is the only organization representing students of political science and related studies – worldwide. IAPSS seeks to strengthen the academic profile and methodological skills, to broaden the global understanding of the discipline of political science.


  • IAPSS Membership

    Membership comes already at 15EUR/year, with reduced rates for those students that come from less privileged backgrounds.
  • Latest IAPSS News

    • June 26, 2015

      IAPSS Represented in Ukraine

      On May 14 and 15, 2015, IAPSS Ukraine held its Fifth National Convention at Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University. The Convention gathered students from all over Ukraine to discuss “Global Challenges in Eurasia: Prospects for
    • June 22, 2015

      Preparation Meeting for IAPSS Summer School 2015 conducted

      On Friday and Saturday, June 19 and 20, 2015 the IAPSS Summer School team met in Venice to settle the last administrative and organizational issues with officials from Venice International University. The IAPSS Summer School 2015 with the theme
    • June 22, 2015

      Call for Applications: Delegations Coordinator

      Call for Applications for Delegations Coordinator   Deadline for Applications: July 15, 2015 The International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) is herewith calling for applications for the position of IAPSS Delegations
    • June 15, 2015

      IAPSS Think Tank: Call for Applications

      Call for Applications for Members of the Think Tank on ‘Challenging Democracy’ Deadline for Applications: July 15, 2015 The International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) is recruiting members for the IAPSS Think Tank of 2015
    • May 17, 2015

      The IAPSS Elections 2015: Elect your Executive & Supervisory Committee

      All members of IAPSS are invited to participate in the elections of the IAPSS Executive Committee and the IAPSS Supervisory Committee for the legislative mandate of 2015-2016. For the first time since the foundation of IAPSS, all individual and
  • Latest ADV articles

    • June 29, 2015

      The Scottish National Party and Independence (Part I): The Scottish Parliament

      The British General Elections saw several unexpected events: a Conservative-led majority government despite forecasts calling the polls close between the Tories and the Labour Party, the shocking decline of the Liberal Democrats, the sub-par
    • June 29, 2015

      The culture of development

      Development has turned into a race. A race of what country is able to increase its production in the largest magnitude and in the shortest period of time. Why? Because development is often considered to be the equivalent of economic growth;
    • June 27, 2015

      Pentecostalism as a political movement in Africa

      The new wave of African evangelism that has swept the continent of Africa, has reached a new height where multitudes of church-goers have flocked to self- appointed prophets for salvation. African self-appointed prophets have given hope to the
    • June 26, 2015

      The Fascist foreign policy and its legacy in the post-War world

      World War II was certainly the most devastating and catastrophic conflict of human history. Because of its size and complexity, this war had strong economic, social and political repercussions both on the international system as whole and on the
    • June 20, 2015

      Turkey’s power in the Mediterranean region and the implications on its relations with the European Union

                                                                              Over the last decade, the Turkish foreign policy has been going through a period of profound flux and reinvigoration. The end of the Cold war