Call for Candidates: Treasurer and Head of Convention | Announcement: 25th IAPSS General Assembly

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Call for Candidates: Treasurer and Head of Convention | Announcement: 25th IAPSS General Assembly

The IAPSS Executive Committee is hereby launching a Call for Candidates for the remaining two positions in the Executive Committee in the 2017-2018 Association year. Candidates elected by the GA will commence their positions on 1 June. Do you want to be part of the Executive Committee, thus having a chance to shape the Association’s future on virtually a daily basis? It is a substantial responsibility with high workload, but definitely a most rewarding experience for many different career paths. We look forward to your candidatures!

Furthermore, IAPSS will held its 25th General Assembly online on 27-28 May 2017 (voting period, exact times will be specified as required by the IAPSS Rules of Procedure). IAPSS members are invited to submit proposals for the draft agenda until 14 May 2017 via the submission form. The IAPSS Executive Committee will review each proposal and communicate as to whether it was put on the agenda (Art. 5 paragraph 2 of the IAPSS Rules of Procedure).

Call for Candidates

for IAPSS Treasurer and IAPSS Head of Convention
for the legislative term of 2017 – 2018

The 25th IAPSS General Assembly will hold its elections for two members of the IAPSS Executive Committee (ExCom), the IAPSS Treasurer and the Head of Convention, online on 28 May 2017.

Application Procedure & Requirements

Deadline for Applications: Thursday, 18 May 2017, 11 pm CEST

Required Documentation for Application:

(1) A resume including reference to a) your studies, b) your academic and/or professional experiences relevant for the applied position, c) your overall academic experiences, d) your language skills, e) your personal data, and f) personal references (optional).

(2) A cover letter of 1-2 pages stating a) your personal motivation for applying for the chosen position, b) a detailed description of at least two experiences relevant for the applied position, c) the integration of the applied position into your daily life, d) your previous experiences within IAPSS (if applicable).

(3) A one-page document stating your proposed personal agenda and priorities for the applied position for the legislative mandate 2017-2018.

(*) All documents should be sent as .pdf files to before the deadline.

Duration of the mandate: June 1, 2017 – May 31, 2018.


(1) Applications submitted later than 18 May 2017, 11 pm CEST, and incomplete applications will not be considered.

(2) The Treasurer will become one of the legal representatives of the Association for the 2017-2018 mandate. A registration with the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands will be necessary for this purpose, for which the necessary expenses will be covered.

(3) For the position of the Treasurer, it is beneficial if candidates have (i) experience with financial administration, (ii) experience with fundraising and grant applications, and (iii) at least basic Dutch language skills.

(4) All positions are, as all positions within IAPSS, voluntary and unpaid. In addition, valid IAPSS membership is a necessary condition for occupying the position during the whole duration of the mandate.

(5) The vote will take place by online voting at the 25th IAPSS General Assembly.

Available Positions

1             Treasurer

  • Management of the financial administration of the Association (incl. annual budgeting process, execution of all payments and expenses, control and administration of income), under the supervision of and in collaboration with the IAPSS President and the IAPSS Secretary-General
  • Co-coordination of fundraising activities (incl. institutional grant applications, drafting processes of funding proposals at corporate bodies, their evaluation and related reporting)
  • Control of membership payments of both individual and association members, in cooperation with the IAPSS Secretary General
  • Supervision regarding the compliance of the IAPSS financial administration and related income and expenses with the IAPSS Financial Regulations
  • Regular financial reporting to the IAPSS ExCom, biannual financial reporting to the IAPSS SupCom and the IAPSS General Assembly
  • Assistance with the coordination of the provision of travel grants to panelists at both the IAPSS World Congress and the IAPSS Convention, as well as other IAPSS events if so decided by the IAPSS ExCom
  • Coordination of all tasks to be carried out and duties to be fulfilled regarding the bank accounts and payment facilities of the Association

2             Head of IAPSS Convention

  • Coordination and supervision of the annual IAPSS Conventions incl. the set up-of the logistical framework, the academic program and the financial administration and the respective realization of the Convention, in collaboration with all concerned members of the IAPSS ExCom (Treasurer, Secretary-General, Head of IAPSS World Congress, Head of the Academic Department, Head of PR/International Cooperation, President)
  • (in detail I) Coordination and supervision of the logistical set-up of the Convention incl. the selection of and negotiation with host institutions, the arrangement of all venues, the travel and accommodation arrangements for speakers and the IAPSS team, the catering, transportation, technical facilities and equipment, social and cultural events and on-site volunteers
  • (in detail II) Coordination of the set-up of the academic program of the Convention incl. the academic conceptualization of the Convention, the scheduling process, the coordination of and assistance to all speakers, and their administration, special and events co-hosted by partners of IAPSS
  • (in detail III) Coordination of the budgeting process for the Convention and the continuous financial administration of all income and expenses, the coordination of the provision of travel grants to student panelists, in collaboration with the IAPSS Treasurer and the IAPSS President
  • Task and portfolio related coordination and supervision of all departmental IAPSS Coordinators, incl. the Conference Administration & Fundraising Coordinator, the Conference Logistics Coordinator and the Conference Program Coordinator
  • Publication of Call for Papers / Call for Registrations for the Convention to internal bodies and IAPSS members, external partners and the general targeted audience, in collaboration with the Head of PR/International Cooperation and related Coordinators
  • Coordination and supervision of the promotion for the Convention incl. all IAPSS social media devices, the IAPSS website, newsletters, promotional publications, advertisement at external publications and with external partners and institutions, in collaboration with the Head of PR/International Cooperation
  • Evaluation of the Convention (incl. event surveys, data assessments) and related reporting to the ExCom and the Supervisory Committee
Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is the executive body of the association. It consists of the President, Secretary-General, Treasurer, Head of the Academic Department, Head of the Events Department, Head of World Congress, Head of Convention and Head of the International Cooperation & Public Relations Department. Members are normally elected to this body at the General Assembly, taking place in April each year.

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