ADV_logo_smallA Different View (ADV) is the popular-scientific blog of the International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS). Formerly an online magazine, ADV was relaunched as a blog by July 2013 under the direction of Iva Kopraleva (University of Sofia, Bulgaria) as its first Editor-in-Chief. A year after, John Raymond Jison (University of the Philippines, Manila) succeeded Iva and continued the developments she has introduced for the blog. Between 2015-2016, Michael Valdivieso (Universidad San Francsico de Quito, Ecuador) was the Editor-in-Chief of ADV. ADV falls under the administration of the IAPSS Academic Department and is currently led by Stephanie Kramer (University of Amsterdam).

As one of the largest student-run blogs, ADV publishes articles dealing with all facets of political theory, foreign policy and international relations, among others. While ADV provides analytical and up-to-date commentary of political issues around the world as well as recent developments in the field of political science, it is not just limited to academia but extends to real-world developments and crises. IAPSS envisions ADV as a place for discussions and free flow of ideas, and an avenue where readers can gain a better understanding of cross-cultural affairs and how politics deeply affects the interactions between and among states as well as individuals.

With a diverse pool of authorship, ADV is an important platform for political science enthusiasts, one which enables and facilitates the sharing of opinions on different issues. ADV is a very much formidable platform for exchanging ideas and perspectives, improving academic writing skills and making convincing points of view about various subjects of utmost importance.

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Before 2013, ADV operated as an online magazine. The archive of several of its issues is available below.

2005: Vol. 1 (08/2005) | Vol. 2 (09/2005) | Vol. 3 (10/2005)

2006: Vol. 4 (07/2006) | Vol. 5 (08/2006) | Vol. 6 (09/2006) | Vol. 7 (10/2006) | Vol. 8 (11/2006) – not available | Vol. 9 (12/2006)

2007: Vol. 10 (01/2007) | Vol. 11 (02/2007) | Vol. 12 (03/2007) | Vol. 13 (04/2007) | Vol. 14 (05/2007) | Vol. 15 (06/2007) | Vol. 16 (07/2007) | Vol. 17 (08/2007) | Vol. 18 (12/2007)

2008: Vol. 19 (01/2008) | Vols. 20-22 – not available | Vol. 23 (11/2008) | Vol. 24 (12/2008)

2009: Vol. 25 (01/2009)