IAPSS regularly sends delegations to conferences of international partner associations. These as of 2016 include primarily IPSA, ECPR and ISA, with the prospects of extension of partnerships to other associations in the future.

Delegations consist of IAPSS members presenting their papers and/or acting as Chair or Discussant at a panel. At least one member of the IAPSS Board is present at the respective conference, coordinates the delegation, and also uses the opportunity of meeting partners from across the globe to discuss and plan joint projects, initiatives and events.

Delegations hold one or multiple panels, sometimes also a section. The latter acts as cluster of multiple panels focusing on one greater topic in current political science debate and research.

Generally, members of IAPSS Academic Think Tank and IAPSS Student Research Committees enjoy priority in the selection process for members of IAPSS Delegations. However, in case capacity allows, other IAPSS members or students and young researchers with an interest in being IAPSS members and part of an IAPSS Delegation are also offered to apply via an open application process.

Learn more about upcoming and previous IAPSS Delegations at the respective subpages. Do not hesitate to contact Mihai Chihaia, IAPSS Delegations Coordinator (delegations@iapss.org), with your questions and suggestions.