Student Research Committees

The IAPSS Student Research Committees (SRCs) provide a framework for student research communities created within IAPSS and focusing on particular sub-fields and topics within political science. Within the SRCs created, IAPSS particularly encourages students of the committees to apply at the two main annual IAPSS events, i.e. the IAPSS World Congress and the IAPSS Autumn Convention, with self-administered panels or to apply at other student or regular conferences as a IAPSS panel. The SRCs publish co-authored papers in the IAPSS Publications or in special issues. They also benefit from other IAPSS Membership Services offered, such as promotion of activities via IAPSS social media tools, organizing webinars, expert sessions and other formats.

Once established, an IAPSS Student Research Committee is autonomous in its work, with their structure decided upon by the IAPSS Executive Committee. Each Student Research Committee is led by a chair, appointed by the Head of the Academic Department in collaboration with the IAPSS SRCs Coordinators, for a period of one year. As a custom, if the participating students seeking to form a SRC agree to submit one proposal for a chair of the SRC, he or she is approved by the IAPSS Academic Department, respectively.

A minimum number of 3 students, all of whom must be members of IAPSS, are required in order to establish an IAPSS Student Research Committee. The Call for Applications for the membership in an established IAPSS SRC, including the list of SRCs, can be found here. In case you think neither of the established IAPSS SRCs matches your research interests and wish to establish a new SRC, please send an e-mail to the SRCs Coordinators with an outline of your idea for an IAPSS SRC, and the names and e-mail addresses of at least two other students interested in becoming members of such a SRC.

IAPSS SRC Coordinators:

Melis Kırtıllı, Leiden University

Miles Kitts, University of Queensland