The IAPSS Student Research Committee on Conflict, Security and Crime covers a wide range of research topics that include international conflict, global security, and crime science/criminology. The Conflict, Security and Crime SRC welcomes students from all different backgrounds to promote multidisciplinary research. Our ultimate aim is to write, present, and publish co-authored academic articles that deal with the aforementioned topics.


Lorand Lorand BodoBodo, Chair of the SRC

Lorand Bodo holds an MA degree in Governance and International Politics and is about to finish his second MA degree in Politics with a focus on Governance of Complex Innovative Technological Systems. Furthermore, he is currently on a four year integrated PhD program at University College London, where his main research interests are (counter-) radicalisation and terrorism. In particular, he focuses on developing data driven (counter-) radicalisation technologies.

Dané SmithDané Smith, Vice-Chair of the SRC

Dané holds a Honours Degree in Bachelor of Social Science from Monash University. In her dissertation she analyzed the social construction of US securitization agendas across the twenty-first century. Currently she is focused on her studies in Global Diplomacy with University of London’s School of Oriental and Asian Studies. She is particularly interested in education as a tool for development in post-conflict situations. She is also very interested in the Middle East as a region, and the changing nature of citizenship and identity within the region in the face of conflict.

MilesMiles Kitts Kitts

Miles has recently been conferred a PhD in political science from the University of Queensland. His doctoral thesis looks at how to understand the strategic utility of force in counterinsurgency. He has also written a number of columns for the Australian Institute of International Affairs. Miles is the author of many research papers on topics such as understanding of armed conflicts, counterterrorism, analysis of Australian security policy etc. He has participated in many conference and academic events.

Nikola L4akic

Nikola completed his post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University in Belgrade. He published several papers with focus on regional security dynamics, climate change-security nexus and theoretical reflections on security issues.  His PhD dissertation aims to determine the impact of practices of memorialization on post-conflict reconciliation and thus establish whether the politization of memory hinders the security community building in the Western Balkans. Besides theoretical background, Nikola has obtained substantial field experience including related relevant experience in international missions in Ukraine.


Maria KucerovaMária Gajarská Kučerová

Maria holds a PhD from the Department of Political Science of Comenius University. She is interested mostly in the conflict resolution processes and security issues of Sub Saharan African region. In her dissertation thesis Maria focuses on the research of spoilers of peace process and condition which affect the stability of peace as such. She has published several research papers on the importance of local NGOs in the process of conflict resolution, analysed women organization and their role in the civil conflict in West Africa and wrote a book chapter on the threat of Boko Haram in Nigeria. She also publishes op-eds in national newspapers in Slovakia.

SoksaSoksamphoas Immphoas Im

Soksamphoas is a recent postgraduate with academic background in Global Politics, International Relations and Diplomacy. During her graduate studies in Defence, Development and Diplomacy, she has developed a special focus on Global Security Studies, Conflict Analysis and Resolutions through her research on ethnic conflict in Myanmar. Currently Soksamphoas is about to start her PhD this year, specialising in Public Policy in concrete in Social Policy reform concerning with welfare for ageing population in developing country”.