IAPSS Membership, Convention Registration, Media Accreditation & Visa

Do I have to be member of IAPSS in order to purchase a ticket for the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015?

IAPSS Individual Membership is required to attend any IAPSS event. Membership comes at 10.00 or 15.00 EUR per year depending on your country of origin, with discounted rates available for 2-year memberships. You can purchase your membership directly here. Please note that you need to purchase your membership prior to your registration for the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 in Prague.

Which Convention ticket should I purchase if I am presenting a paper / acting as chair / as discussant?

There is no difference in the participation fee offered for regular participants and panelists (paper presenters, chairs, discussants). You can choose among the same tickets offered to participants without participation in a student panel.

I am not a student anymore, can I still participate?

Our events are open to everyone. While the programme and concept of the Convention focuses on current students of all levels (Bachelor, Master’s, PhD), also former students, post-doctoral researchers and all other scholars of political science, international relations and related disciplines are welcome to attend.

Our journal / newspaper / TV station / radio station would like to accredit a journalist. Who do we need to contact and what are the requirements for press accreditation?

We are welcoming press and media representatives as well as student journals to all our events. If you are interested in attending as a journalist, please get in touch with Andrea Kovarova at ac-administration@iapss.org

Which payment methods are accepted?

Our web store accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards, Visa and MasterCard debit cards (only those debit cards that have a 16-digit code on the front of the card), PayPal, iDEAL, SOFORT Überweisung, Bancontact/Mistercash and even Bitcoins.

I come from a country where PayPal is not available, and I don’t have a credit card. How can I still pay for my ticket?

Please note that we also accept selected Visa and MasterCard debit cards. In case you do not possess of either, please contact us at finances@iapss.org for alternative payment methods (e.g. wire transfer or WesternUnion).

Are there any additional costs during the conference?

Apart from the participation fee (ticket), we don’t charge any additional fees in order to keep costs for participation in the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 at a student-friendly level. However, we highlight that accommodation, travel, meals and visa costs (if any) are not covered by the participation fee. You can find recommendations on how to save money, book cheap accommodation and flights here. We generally recommend to arrange travel and accommodation at an early stage as Prague is a well visited city.

I am in need of a visa invitation in order to apply for my Schengen Tourist Visa. Who can I can contact and what are the requirements?

All visa related questions and requests are handled by Andrea Kovarova, available at ac-administration@iapss.org. Please note that visa invitations are only issued for those who have completed their registration for the Convention (requires purchase of a ticket).

I have problems to register / to pay for my ticket. Who can I contact?

In case of any problems with your registration for IAPSS Membership or your ticket purchase for the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 in Prague, please contact Andrea Kovarova at ac-administration@iapss.org.

Can I cancel my ticket and get it refunded?

If, for any reason, you cannot attend the Convention, restitution of your participation fee (or a part of it) is conditional and subject to deadlines.

(a) If you cancel your participation until July 21, 2015, IAPSS will refund 50% of the ticket price. If you cancel your participation after this date you will not receive a refund.

(b) In case of a rejected visa application, reimbursement of your ticket will be decided upon on a case by case basis. The responsibility for fees and timely application for a visa remains with the participant, and IAPSS is not liable for any fees incurred by the participant due to a rejected visa application.

Please consult with Andrea Kovarova at ac-administration@iapss.org in case you wish to cancel your purchased ticket.

Paper Submission / Presentation

I am presenting a paper at the Convention. What is the deadline for the submission of my paper?

All paper presenters are requested to submit their final papers via the available online form at MyIAPSS by August 15, 2015. For inquiries regarding your paper, please do not hesitate to contact us at academic@iapss.org.

Which paper structure and format requirements do I have to fulfill?

Please adjust, structure and layout your paper according to the IAPSS Paper Submission Guideline which aims at standardizing the formatting of papers presented at IAPSS events and published in IAPSS journals. The Guideline reflects leading international academic paper standards.

Are there opportunities to publish my paper in a journal after the Congress?

Of course! Selected papers will be published in special issues of POLITIKON and Encuentro Latinoamericano, two of our three IAPSS journals. The editorial boards of both journals will review all submitted papers and will contact those who would like to offer publication in a special issue.

Who should I contact for other questions regarding my paper submission / presentation?

For all inquiries related to your paper, the IAPSS Paper Submission Guideline and your presentation(s) at the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 in Prague, please do not hesitate to contact Vit Simral at academic@iapss.org.

Can I still submit my abstract for presenting a paper at the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015?

The Call for Papers closed on June 30, 2015. If you would still like to apply to become a paper presenter after this date, please consult with Vit Simral at academic@iapss.org to see if an exception can be made.

Can I still apply to act as Chair or Discussant at one of the panels?

Yes, on the condition that you are a paper presenter at the Convention. If you wish to act as Chair or Discussant of one of the scheduled panels, please contact us at academic@iapss.org. Please attach a short CV (max. two pages, no photograph) with reference to your academic experiences, publications et al. Applications for Chair and Discussant positions are to be made between July 26 and July 31.

Travel, Accommodation & Other Inquiries

Are there any hostels you negotiated a special deal for accommodation with?

Yes. Special deals are available for participants of the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 at selected hostels in the city center of Prague. Find all information here.

Will there be a specific dress code at the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015?

No. However, we advise to respect cultural sensitivity with regards to the diverse international audience present at the Convention by adequate dress.

I have been selected for a travel grant. When and where will it be disbursed?

Recipients of IAPSS travel grants (available for paper presenters, chairs and discussants only) have been informed about the selection results by July 17, 2015. Travel grants will be disbursed at the Info & Registration Desk, open on all days except September 25, from 08.30 to 18.30, located at a central location within the venue. Please note that travel grants will be only disbursed after your participation in the panel(s) you are scheduled for.

Does IAPSS cover my accommodation, meals or travel costs?

No. Accommodation, meals and travel costs are on the behalf of the participants. However, we provide information on cheap accommodation, meals and on affordable travel here.

Will there be social events and is attendance covered by my ticket?

Of course! Various social events, incl. a festive Opening Receptions, a Convention Party and Bar Nights, will be held. Find more information here.

Other Questions?

Has your question not yet been answered or would you like to contact us?

Then do not hesitate to get in touch with:

for visa, registration, other administrative and media inquiries: Andrea Kovarova at ac-administration@iapss.org

for academic programme and partnership inquiries: Jannick Burggraaff at convention@iapss.org

for abstract, paper and panel related inquiries: Vit Simral at academic@iapss.org

for IAPSS General Assembly and IAPSS Membership inquiries: Andrea Kovarova at secgen@iapss.org

for travel grant, payment and cancellation related inquiries: Catherine Mackay at finances@iapss.org