Seven out of sixteen slots within the programme of the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 are reserved for student panels at which students have the opportunity to present their research and work in form of short paper presentations, receive feedback, and comment on the work of fellow students.

During each time slot, three panels will run parallel, with 3 to 5 panelists featured at each panel. All panels are led by a chair, while a discussant provides a short critical review after each presentation. The audience is encouraged to actively engage in the discussions following each paper presentation.

Student panels aim at providing a platform for students of political science, international relations and related studies to present their work in-progress, research and/or recent publication(s). The interaction between the presenter, the chair (directing the panel), the discussant (initiating the discussion), fellow presenters and a critical audience allow an in-depth review of the work presented and initiate valuable debate on the issues addressed.

Call for Papers

The deadline to submit abstracts has elapsed as of June 30.

All abstract submitters have been notified.

Timeline for Student Panels

April 1             –        Call for Papers opens

May 31            –        1st deadline to submit your abstract(s)

June 15          –         Notification on selection for abstracts submitted until May 31

June 30          –         2nd deadline to submit your abstract(s)

June 30          –         Deadline for travel grant applications

July 15           –         Deadline for early bird tickets

July 15           –         Notification on selection for abstracts submitted until June 30

July 25          –        Final deadline for registrations (regular tickets) for all paper presenters

July 26          –        Call for Chairs and Discussants among all registered paper presenters

July 31          –         Deadline for application for Chair and Discussant positions

August 15       –        Deadline for submission of final papers

Submission of Your Paper (For Presenters)

All paper presenters are asked to submit their papers by August 15, 2015 here. We recommend to structure and format your paper along the IAPSS Paper Submission Guideline which increases your chance of being selected for publication in a special IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 edition of IAPSS’ oldest journal POLITIKON.

In case of questions regarding the submission of your paper or the IAPSS Paper Submission guideline, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Presentation of Your Paper (For Presenters)

For the presentation of your paper, we recommend either oral or presentation on screen. For those who wish to use a PowerPoint presentation, we kindly request to save it on your USB storage device as both .pdf and .ppt file. All venues are equipped with a fixed data projector and a fixed PC.

Chairs and Discussants

A chair leads the panel, briefly introduces all paper presenters, facilitates the discussions, takes questions from the audience and keeps both the paper presentations and the discussions to time. At the end of the panel, the chair invites the audience to thank the presenters by a round of applause.

The discussant serves two different functions. First, to help the audience to understand the presented papers better, second, to address assessed strengths and weaknesses to the presenters themselves. The discussant briefly summarizes the papers’ main messages and their contributions, provides a short assessment of the papers, suggests constructive ways to improve the papers, highlights the relevance of the papers to academia and society and stimulates conversation among the audience by posing questions for discussion.

Additionally, each panel is assisted by a volunteer on site who ensures the proper functioning of the technical facilities and equipment.

If you wish to act as chair or discussant of one of the scheduled panels, please contact us at, not earlier than July 26 and not later than July 31. Please attach a short CV (max. two pages, no photograph) including references on your academic experiences, publications et al. Chairs and discussants must present a paper at the Convention.

The IAPSS Award for Academic Excellency

IAPSS will grant the 2nd IAPSS Award for Academic Excellence to the best paper presented at the IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 in Prague. The winner will be announced during the festive closing session on September 24. Please note: only papers submitted until the official deadline of August 15, 2015 will be considered for the award.

Travel Grants

A limited number of partial travel grants has been awarded to panelists (presenters, chairs, discussants) with above-average travel expenses, predominantly with a non-European place of residence. IAPSS travel grants usually cover only 30 – 50% of individual travel costs. We therefore encourage those in need to start searching for other third-party funds at an early stage.

All selected panelists were eligible for travel grants. The grant distribution was solely based on panelists’ expenses including costs for travel, accommodation, visa and your ticket.

A Student Panel at the IAPSS World Congress 2014 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

A Student Panel at the IAPSS World Congress 2014 in Thessaloniki, Greece.