The IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 is the second largest event we are hosting this year. An international team which is part of the IAPSS Executive Committee is in charge of the organization.

You have questions regarding your participation in the Convention? You need assistance regarding your registration, payment or visa invitation? You’d like to inquire about travel grants, media accreditation or advertising with us? Find all information on the Convention here, the FAQs here, and do not hesitate to get in touch with us in case of any further question or inquiry:

Jannick Burggraaff | Co-Chair of IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 / Speakers |

Vit Simral | Co-Chair of IAPSS Autumn Convention 2015 / Panels |

Andrea Kovarova | Registration, Visa Invitations, Media Accreditation, Advertisement, IAPSS Membership |

Karel Höfer | Logistics |

Catherine Mackay | Travel Grants, Cancellations, Financial Administration, |

Philipp Aepler | Programme Support, Corporate Design, Convention Guide |

Riina Bhatia & Janakan Muthukumar | Media Team |