April 4-8 2017, Budapest (Hungary) – Central European University

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The IAPSS World Congress is the largest annual event hosted by IAPSS – the International Association for Political Science Students. As customary for our biggest event of the year we are expecting 150 students from around the world to join us in the capital of Hungary, Budapest, to examine this year’s Congress theme – ‘The Meaning of Politics’.

Taking place between April 4 – 8 2017 at the Department of Political Science at Central European University we have a fascinating program of student-led panels, expert talks and interactive workshops and sessions. This is not to mention the exciting opportunities to network with fellow students and experts, as well as exploring beautiful Budapest! Join us at the largest conference for students of Political Science, International Relations and related studies in 2017!

What Can You Expect?

The Central European University (CEU) is the perfect location to explore ‘The Meaning of Politics’, as it was founded during the turbulent fall of the socialist bloc. The CEU is committed to promoting the values of open society and self-reflective critical thinking, aiming at excellence in the mastery of established knowledge and the promotion of democratization. An exciting academic and social program with a broad range of high profile scholars and experts will await you in Budapest. The IAPSS World Congress 2017 will bring together a multiplicity of experts from academia, civil society institutions, the media, policy-makers and think tanks. At dozens of student panels, 100 panelists will be provided with the unique opportunity to discuss their research and work-in-progress in political science, international relations and related sub-fields with an international audience.

You will find more details on the program and logistics on the following subpages:

Registration – Program – Student Panels – Social Events – The Venue – Accommodation, Travel and Visas – FAQ and Contact

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