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    IAPSS is a network of political science students and junior faculty from over 70 Countries

    Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postgraduate Political Science Students, as well as those from related fields, can become Members of our global IAPSS Community.

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  • Become Involved as IAPSS Volunteer!

    IAPSS means working with over 50 Board Members in 15 Time Zones

     Potential Peer Reviewer, Social Media Nerd, Event Planner, or IAPSS Ambassador in your Country? IAPSS offers more than 25 different volunteering Positions enabling you to learn in an international and enriching Environment.

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  • Discover New Places with us!

    IAPSS Means 2 Academic Conferences and Several Schools and Trips per Year

    Whether you are interested in experiencing urban Spaces of deep historical and political Importance, would like to present your first academic Paper at a Conference, or get to know fellow Political Science Students, we have the right Event for you!

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  • Research and Publish with us!

    IAPSS means 2 Journals, 1 Blog, and 8 Student Research Committees

    Writing Academic Articles, Blog Posts, or researching and exchanging Ideas: IAPSS offers you an engaging Platform to test your Hypotheses, publish your Work, and get to know Students with the same Interest as you.

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Our Mission

IAPSS aims to enhance and support political science students in every part of the world by creating opportunities to research, connect with each other and get to know distant places. We strive to deliver a sustainable academic contribution to the education of our members, to foster exchange among young political scientists across the globe and to promote social and scientific responsibility. Our regional approach endeavors to facilitate the political science students community through a federally, globally, and inclusively.

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