tims-desktop-image1During those times when we miss posting an article for a particular biweekly round, I fondly remember my colleague and predecessor Iva Kopraleva reminding us that the ADV serves as an excellent platform where we can give our take on political issues that are worthy of analysis and at the same time be read by a number of readers worldwide. When our workload has become overwhelming or we are currently suffering from the so-called “writer’s block,” the editors are reminded of this thought. Then we get back to our foremost duty: to keep the readers abreast of our standpoint on issues of paramount importance.

Since the day I started writing for ADV, I feel privileged to be part of such a team of young political scientist-writers hailing from various parts of the globe. I enjoy reading the articles of my fellow editors as they are very adept in analyzing socio-political phenomena. I think my colleagues would agree with me that a single ADV article requires hours, if not days, of deep thinking and thorough research. In my part, I have to pull several all-nighters to consolidate my thoughts and translate them into words. While we do not ask something for recompense, someone reading our take on certain issues is more than enough to pay the hard work we pour (not to mention the caffeine-induced trances we have) in writing our articles.

This is why the ADV reaching its first year anniversary since its re-launch as a blog matters greatly to us. This is a big deal, a feat worth celebrating. To elucidate further, here are what we have to say about what ADV means to us editors:


“I see ADV as a bridge – between a sometimes publication-snob academia and a new wave, which does not renounce rigor, but begins to open up. Whether this is “a bridge too far”, or a more tangible one remains to be seen, but the foundations are clearly there.” – Sergiu Delcea

“As one of the foremost student-run blogs, ADV publishes articles dealing with all facets of political theory and international relations amongst others, though the blog is not limited to academia but extends to real-world developments and crises. Being a Dutchman, I have of yet not covered any solely Dutch issue. But certainly, I deal with world politics from a Dutch or Western perspective, be it in covering a regional clash of powers in Syria and the Ukraine, the legitimacy of the EU, and the strategy behind nuclear weapons or the F35. Fortunately, I do not stand alone. With thirteen editors hailing from over ten different countries and 4 continents, A Different View truly upholds its name. We can look back to a successful year of first class coverage of world politics. And this is only the start. I expect no less of the years to come.” – Paul Derikx

“The scientific blog ‘A Different View’ is the only place where I can express my views about important events on the broader international political scene. Being editor of this blog means that you can share your knowledge and what is most important to make your views public and available for the wider public.” – Frosina Doninovska

“ADV is, I believe, an important platform for many, one which enables and facilitates the sharing of opinions on diverse issues as well as encouraging its participants to become more productive not only from a research perspective. To me, ADV fills a very important role of making myself get used to write on a more frequent basis then academic writing often requests. In addition, the opportunity to see what my peers are working on and how they are conceiving their research in a rather short and concise format is an important benefit, one that is again missing in scholarly journals and most academic work. Finally, the fact that ADV hosts colleagues and peers from a wide variety of countries makes its content even more interesting, as many academics and future academics tend to form an entourage that rather works and produces in and on the same geography/topic. With its diverse pool of participants, ADV avoids this problem, creating a connection between its contributors and very different individuals and topics.” – Ertugrul Genc

“ADV is a great chance for me to write about relevant international issues exactly from the angle I see them or to try and shed light on matters that should concern the international community, but for several reasons they do not get enough of our attention. With a very international and diverse membership, ADV is a very good platform for exchanging ideas and perspectives, for improving academic writing skills and building convincing points of view about subjects I consider important. Happy anniversary, ADV! I am very glad to be part of this multicultural team!” – Ioana Patrichi

“ADV does not only allow me to be critically aware of the international and domestic issues but it also allows me to continuously re-evaluate my core values as a political scientist in relation to the theories we use to analyze social, economic, cultural and political phenomena. For me, ADV helps me gain a better understanding of cross-cultural affairs and how politics deeply affects the interactions between and among states as well as individuals.” – Yuri Ramirez

“ADV represents a space to share my visions of the world, to generate awareness and dialogue, and raise questions about the different topics discussed. ADV means more than 10 perspectives, cultures and opinions.” – Michael Valdivieso

Image Source: McWriters