Whether or not you believe in it, Santa Claus has a political affiliation.

Political Science and International Relations also discuss things that matter. While you were quietly waiting for your Christmas gift, I was trying to guess the political affiliation of the beardy.

One may think of Santa as a communist. That would come as a first argument since he has a beard and wears red in most cultures. But then again, what sort of Marxist would establish such a dictatorship where every utopian Elf do not represent their own class interests. Maybe there wouldn`t be any need for revolution, but surely every freezing Siberian Elf has noticed the Coca-Cola shipment Santa drinks ice cold inside his gas warmed house.


Yes. That`s Putin with Santa Claus (2008), or Ded Moroz has he is called in the region

Yes. That`s Putin with Santa Claus (2008), or Ded Moroz has he is called in the region

From thorough evidence, it is clear though that his meeting with President Vladimir Putin that Santa does indeed have a pragmatic view on politics. I am in no position in guessing what he got Putin in trade for a warm house, but he seems to be doing business with everyone, suggesting perhaps a different kind of political culture.

The leads allow me to believe he has indeed a major toy production centre! Exporters worldwide have developed faith in his quasi-magical deployment global distribution ways. Santa Globalization Claus?

Obama and Santa in 2013

And hey, can you guess who got cigars this year? (Obama and Santa in 2013)

So, is indeed Santa Western? Santa is quite the capitalist. His circle of friends is pretty broad. Can we consider that Santa is an American? This interesting poll makes us doubt since around 30% of Americans cannot really identify his party, so not affiliating him with any side in the country, though 44% rate him as a democrat vs 28% ratings for Saint Nicholas as a republican slides him to a left-leaning ideology.

The environmentalist Lester Brown argues that the night rider comes from ChinaIn fact he argues that a huge majority of the action figures you give to your nephew come from there as well. Truth be told, not many depictions of the old man portray him as having Asian features but those twisting effigies probably come from China as well anyway. His production hub must be localized in the middle kingdom, leaving his colder and considered typical habitat for better production facilities. Hopefully he found efficient elves in China.

Could he be part of the top tiers of the Communist Party there, or could he be a globetrotter undercover agent? Forbes classifies him as one of the richest men on earth and say he does live in the North Pole which is as disputed as the place where he actually comes from. Santa is a multi-faced politician then, capable of representing nearly all and everything. Children amount him to a god-like figure, politicians seek legitimacy from him, and yet the media sells him as a crimeless figure nonetheless. There is a lot of confusion on his true political affiliation and the task to define him sounds like an interesting thought for your Christmas Eve. Nevertheless, I want to propose one last possibility.


Pranab Santa

Pranab, the Indian President was the last world leader to have visited Santa (2014)


It is claimed that Pranab Mukherjee, the Indian President was the last head of state to visit Santa. I hope, most of all, that Santa is pursuing the understanding of Satiagraha, learning some of Mahatma Gandhi`s war with peace philosophy and activism and sharing it with Pranab.

Santa Claus is a Satiagrahi! A warrior of peace. His gift bearing attitude display a grave sentiment for all children around the world, making it all to call attention to those who are not able to receive his presents in their war torn homes. “I wish for world peace” is Santa`s ultimate hope, so that he can offer something to everyone.

2015 is hopefully time for Santa`s Politics, whether you believe in it or not! Check under your Christmas tree and make an effort.


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