“At least, it is a different time.”

After seeing the news that five feminists were finally released, I said that to a friend around me. “If it was still 25 years ago, they would never have the chance.”

Last March witnessed the efforts made by the international community to save five Chinese feminists, who were accused of “destabilizing the society” for the events they initiated to draw the attention of the whole country to the gender inequality ingrained in the society. However, looking back to what they have done, such as calling for the elimination of domestic violence, enlarging female restroom in the public areas and focusing on sexual harassment in the public transport, people can hardly find anything wrong with these. It would not have caused terror and commotion throughout the society, if what they had been charged had been controversial in terms of law. However, it is because what they did seems absolutely justified that people began to question the reason of the law in this country.

I did not discuss this incident with any of my friend living in China at the moment. I only mentioned it once to my father, a prosecutor with over 20 years’ career experience. I hoped he could state clearly before me, with his judgement, whether they were wrong or not. I hoped he could appease my horror. On the one hand, I cannot imagine in the 21st century, female who support gender equality are still squashed by the society, which makes me shiver that as a female, my position in this society is still disadvantaged. In other words, even though I am brave enough to speak for myself, I still have to suffer from the bias and the prejudice imposed by the unreasonable patriarchal order. On the other hand, as an enthusiastic university student, I deem it is very likely that I will engage into similar activities, which implicates that it is possible that one day, all of a sudden, I may be detained for knowing nothing I do is wrong.

Thus, I was anxious to hear the result of their case. In my mind, it foreshadows what a kind of society it will be and what belief I can still hold towards it. Thankfully, good news came that five feminists regained their freedom that had been restrained by the damp and dark interrogation room. However, I still doubt it is because of the international pressure or because those prosecutors are still conscious that they should represent justice. Such thoughts once flashed by my mind that if they were indeed prosecuted for those unwarranted accusations, I would persuade my dad to resigning.

Even now, the result was still a half surprise to me, although it was what I expected. I think not only I had such unassertiveness, but also many people, especially those who witnessed and experienced more similar incidents in their own life. However, despite such unassertiveness, the progress made today still marked it as a brand new age. In my opinion, the watershed is not people today live a more wealthy life. Instead, it is that people today have the chance that people in the past could never imagine, and this drives me to seek for where our chance indeed lurks.

I am sorry for my personal account in this journal. But I hope you all can understand I am trying to illustrate a country from the perspective of a single person. Although how insignificant it looks, it is different from the media and scholars’ articles. It is what I, as an ordinary citizen, feel necessary to keep it down. I regard this journal as a beginning. In the next entries, I am going to talk about many things in the history and the reality of China. It is a challenge for me since for many things, I never involved in person and I have limited resources around me. However, I still feel it is my mission to discover those things that have been marginalized by the mainstream or have been distorted. I will make efforts to clarify and I hope you all can support me. Moreover, I also hope it can only be a personal record of mine. It has no political end and I will never expect to agitate some politically-sensitive issues of China. If there is anything improper, I welcome the correction. If anyone would like to share their opinions with me, I will be pleased to hear from you.

Finally, thanks for your support.

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