Dear members,

You are cordially invited to the 30th General Assembly (GA) of IAPSS, held in conjunction with the IAPSS World Congress in Madrid. On May 25, members will convene for this GA at our host university Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and decide upon the future of IAPSS.

This 30th GA revisits the proposals that were presented to the 29th GA in Zagreb, April 25-26, since the required quorum of two-thirds of all members was not reached. Due to attendance and previously announced suggested considerations on 18 April, no decisions on the main proposals were taken in Zagreb.

After months of internal preparations, the Executive Committee (ExCom) suggests a number of changes to be voted upon by the members. These formal proposals include changes in the legal framework and advancing the regionalisation of IAPSS. Taking place in the last days of this year’s mandate of IAPSS (1 June 2018 – 31 May 2019), this GA will also elect new members to the ExCom and Supervisory Committee (SupCom). In sum, the future of IAPSS is in your hands!

We hope to welcome many members and member associations at this GA and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the formal proposals.

Please email our President Tobias Scholz ( or Secretary General Justin Patrick ( in case you have any questions or concerns.

Yours sincerely,

The Executive Committee