After one year of absence A Different View (ADV) is back with fresh and new ideas!

On this new version of A Different View (ADV), there will not be only posts from regular or guest authors but also commentaries from other members of IAPSS, including cooperation with IAPSS regional chairs and SRCs special blog posts.

A Different View (ADV) is the popular-scientific blog of IAPSS. As one of the largest student-run blogs, ADV publishes articles dealing with all facets of political theory, foreign policy, and international relations, among others. While ADV provides up-to-date commentaries of political issues around the world as well as analyses on recent developments in the field of political science, it is not just limited to academia but extends to real-world developments and crises.

IAPSS envisions ADV as a place for discussions and free flow of ideas, and an avenue where readers can gain a better understanding of cross-cultural affairs while learning how politics deeply affect the interactions between states as well as individuals. With a diverse pool of authors, ADV is an important platform for political science enthusiasts; one which enables and facilitates the sharing of opinions on different issues. ADV offers an excellent opportunity for exchanging ideas and perspectives, improving academic writing skills and making convincing arguments about various subjects of utmost importance. Formerly an online magazine, ADV was relaunched as a blog in July 2013.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Editor-in-Chief at and the Deputy Editor-in- Chief at