On Friday, February 22, the International Political Science Association (IPSA) celebrated its 70th Anniversary in the venerable rooms of La Sorbonne University in Paris. Since 1949, IPSA has been dedicated to fostering a global and inclusive political science community around the world.

The anniversary celebrations were opened by IPSA President Marianne Kneuer who introduced guests to the long-standing history and significance of the celebration: “IPSA is not only to be seen as an institution but as an idea – the idea of building a strong platform for political science research and researchers.” Particuarly, the efforts invested in bringing this goal to life illustrate IPSA’s outspoken voice for academic freedom and dedication towards gender representation in conferences and committees.

IAPSS President Tobias Scholz congratulates IPSA President Marianne Kneuer on IPSA’s 70th anniversary.

A highlight of the celebration was marked by the keynote speech made by United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet. Around 60 international guests from national political science associations and other IPSA partner organizations gathered for her speech. It vigorously pointed towards many of the challenges which political science aims to find answers for: “Today’s protests are often triggered by economic injustice, but in most cases relate to a more fundamental problem: distrust between the state and the individual, resulting in Human Rights concerns.”

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, welcomes the audience at La Sorbonne.

IAPSS President, Tobias Scholz, congratulates IPSA on behalf of the political science student community: “IPSA is the institutional voice for political science around the world. In times of shrinking spaces and uncertainties, it provides the essential link between individual scholars, academic institutions, and the United Nations framework. We are proud of being such a close partner to IPSA.”

IPSA and IAPSS have been partners for more than twenty years. Each year, an IPSA speaker is invited to the IAPSS World Congress, and IAPSS nominates delegations and representatives to attend IPSA’s World Congress as well. Since 2018, IAPSS has also supported the IPSA Federica Summer School program and its Massive Online Open Course (MOOCs). Such links between both organizations facilitate a smoother exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of publishing, research, and organizational development.