The 33rd IAPSS General Assembly was held on December 12, 2020 and the voting period lasted until December 19, 2020. The results of the motions and by-elections are as follows. The motions package and candidate statements can be found here.

  • Approval of the minutes of the 32nd IAPSS General Assembly held in May 2020: Passed
  • Motion 1 (as amended): Honorary Membership for Marcel Wissenburg and Makoto Okubo: Passed
  • Motion 2: Revisions to Committee Structures: Passed
  • Motion 3: Retiring the Vacant Vice President for Regional Affairs Position: Passed
  • Motion 4: Detailing the Role of the Advisory Board: Passed
  • Motion 5: Country for Relocation: Passed
  • Motion 6: Codifying Established General Assembly Precedents: Passed
  • Motion 7: By-Elections: Passed
  • Treasurer: Shobhendra Srivastava: Elected
  • Vice President for Programs: Ginisha Dewani: Elected

A special thanks goes out to all who attended and helped make the General Assembly possible. The next IAPSS General Assembly is scheduled to take place online in May 2021.