IAPSS Financial Administration Department

The Financial Administration Department of IAPSS is responsible for the financial and budgetary concerns of the organisation. Each year, the Treasurer gets elected in the General Assembly which decides over all members of the Executive and Supervisory Committee. Together with the President and the Secretary-General, the Treasurer is the legal representative of the organization and has the responsibility to manage the accounts of the association, bear the responsibility for all financial transactions, as well as the responsibility for the preparation and presentation of the budget and financial statement to the General Assembly.

For general inquiries please feel free to contact the Treasurer at finances@iapss.org

Shobhendra Srivastava

I have 12+ years of experience in leading and supporting global organizations in the areas of leadership, strategy, finance & transformation.
Over the years, contributing to field of education has given me the most joy. I am continuously engaged in managing educational events, teaching as a volunteer and a n advisory board member at my University. This is the key reason for me to be a part of International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS).


Deputy Treasurer