IAPSS Financial Administration Department

The Financial Administration Department of IAPSS is responsible for the financial and budgetary concerns of the organisation. Each year, the Treasurer gets elected in the General Assembly which decides over all members of the Executive and Supervisory Committee. Together with the President and the Secretary-General, the Treasurer is the legal representative of the organization and has the responsibility to manage the accounts of the association, bear the responsibility for all financial transactions, as well as the responsibility for the preparation and presentation of the budget and financial statement to the General Assembly.

For general inquiries please feel free to contact the Treasurer at finances@iapss.org

Piet Flintrop

While studying Political Science in my Bachelor I always looked for possibilities to develop professional skills outside academia. Therefore, I joined IAPSS as website coordinator for learning hands-on how to deal with a global organisation and how to do project-based work. While working with IAPSS I have been exposed to various challenges that organisations face in the 21st century. Everything is speeding up and we must constantly adapt our products and services to the keep up with challenges students and young professionals are facing to bring value to our members. By working in this environment, I decided to shift my focus to innovation management which I currently study in Asia. I am looking forward to further tackle challenges with IAPSS, to provide you with valuable skills outside of academia and to develop the education for the 21st century.

Silvia Ruiz

Deputy Treasurer
Silvia Carolina Ruiz Rodríguez, from Caracas (Venezuela), is a graduate student who received her Bachelor’s degree in Law at the Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, Venezuela in 2012. In 2015, she obtained a double major Masters in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy at Baylor University, Texas. She is currently studying a Masters in Political Science in the University of Vienna with a focus on international development, state activity, governance and policy analysis. She aims at working in an international organization in the near future and her interest focuses on the design, put into practice, and evaluation of public policies. She is a volunteer in IAPSS because it is a unique opportunity to develop her professional skills in the international realm and to expand her network. She currently works in a music school as a piano teacher and accompanist.

Eunjeong Kim

Fundraising Coordinator
My desire to learn languages, culture and society has led me to the global stage where I am eager to dedicate myself in the near future. It was through mingling with people of different backgrounds, on the other side of the world, that I decided to take lead in paving a way for cooperative and peaceful exchanges between nations. I realised that only when I truly understood the perspectives of other people, could I mediate the disputes between countries in this highly connective and communicative, but also elusive and indescribable world. I believe actively interacting with one another and sharing ideas play a vital role in taking immediate action to tackle the international political and social issues we are facing with. This led me to join IAPSS and to work with coordinators from various countries to skill political science students outside their traditional curricula.

Bassem Chakroun

Business Development Coordinator
I happen to be a 22 years old Tunisian who is currently double majoring in Social Sciences and Political Science in the Free University of Brussels (VUB) in Belgium. One of my favorite hobbies apart from Tennis is debating whenever I get the opportunity whether in a Model United Nations simulation or in a discussion in class that’s why I want to pursue a career in politics. My goal at the moment is to join my country’s UN security council team after I graduate and that’s why I chose to apply and be a part of IAPSS to join a great network of people who’ll help learn new skills and expand
my network so that I may be able to improve myself every day.