IAPSS ICPR Department

The Department for Public Relations (PR) is fulfilling two basic functions within the IAPSS institutional framework: Firstly, the PR Department is managing, administering, and developing new strategic partnerships and outreach projects that aim in advancing our network and resources. IAPSS works together with key actors in the field of political science research such as the International Political Science Association (IPSA), intergovernmental organisations as the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), and students organisations such as Young Diplomats (YD). The PR Department plays an important role in reaching out to these organisations to enhance our student network. One crucial component in this regard is our fundraising initiatives, which it planned and implemented in the PR Department.

Secondly, the PR Department handles all internal public relations of IAPSS. This is the place, where social media strategies, web design, visuals, and promotion concepts are discussed and brought to life. Likewise a secretariat in many organisations, the PR Department suggests guidelines for our public appearance and manages social media and website. Furthermore, PR also handles the development of membership campaigns and currently undertakes our IAPSS Ambassadorship Program, the IAPSS Regionalisation Project, and the IAPSS 20th Anniversary Project.

In a nutshell, the PR Department is where everything comes together: it promotes all our offers, from events to new publications, while strategically developing new partnerships which will pave the way for future endeavors.

For general inquiries please feel free to contact the Vice President for Public Relations at publicrelations@iapss.org

* Axel Nordenstam * VP. Public Relations
** Pooja Lama ** Press Coordinator
** Paola Navarro Villa ** Social Media Coordinator
***** Julia Jakus ***** Social Media Coordinator
** Maheen Shafeeq ** Art & Design Coordinator