IAPSS President

The President of IAPSS presides over the Executive Committee (ExCom) and therefore serves as someone who providing key impulses and suggesting strategic orientations for the organisation. Each year, the President gets elected in the General Assembly which decides over all members of the Executive and Supervisory Committee. Together with the Treasurer and the Secretary General, the President is the legal representative of the organization and has the responsibility to report on the activities of the Executive Committee to the General Assembly.

For general inquiries please feel free to contact the President at president@iapss.org

Tobias Scholz President
After spending my childhood at the state theater in my hometown, I have decided to leave the stage and instead decided to study Political Science, History and International Relations in Germany India and the United States. Throughout this goofy time, I’ve raised questions of norms and identity while never questioning my sense of humour. Passionate about the history, critical of the existing, and curious for the new, I believe that technological and social advancements allow Political Science students from all over the world to grow together more closely and to develop mutual understanding and respect.