Official Documents

IAPSS is registered as a legal entity under Dutch Association law with the Chamber of Commerce of Nijmegen (the Netherlands) registrant no. 58982841, deposited at the Directorate Centraal-Gelderland, and therewith responsible financially to Dutch authorities, respectively.

This section is providing all legal relevant documents of IAPSS for download and a general description of the internal legal framework.

Documents issued by the IAPSS General Assembly

While the financial and administrative reports of the Association, issued before the IAPSS General Assembly, are available for members only at a separate platform, the key documents constituting IAPSS’ legal framework are available below.

All these documents are developed from the statues further and are legally binding for the organisation.

IAPSS Statutes

The IAPSS Statutes constitute the overall framework of the Association and describe the division of power between and the responsibilities of the IAPSS General Assembly, the IAPSS Executive Committee and the IAPSS Supervisory Committee as well as the execution of the elections of all core bodies of the Association.


IAPSS Internal Regulations and Policies

The IAPSS Internal Regulations determine the Association’s framework in detail and include chapters on all bodies and the key mechanisms that shape the operation of IAPSS.


*The three legal representatives of the Association are the President, the Secretary General, and the Treasurer.

Documents issued by the IAPSS Executive Committee

IAPSS Vision Paper Booklet

The IAPSS Vision Paper, presented here in booklet format, provides the organization’s goals for 2022. This document encapsulates IAPSS’ drive to nurture a global community, shape a participatory and regional spirit among its members, establish global recognition, and create quality opportunities for political science students around the world.