IAPSS Academic Department offers many multifold academic ways for researchers to get involved and further develop their academic experiences such as publishing in different formats, gaining academic presentation skills, and networking with professional scholars. As the Academic Department, we operate two journals (Politikon and Encuentro Latinoamericano), one blog (A Different View), The Academic Think Tank and Academic Committee, Research Committees, and Academic Outreach Committee. In 2020, all six components encompass more than 100 individual IAPSS members from all over the world. For each branch, one IAPSS Board member (a Coordinator or an Editor-in-Chief) is responsible, together with the Head of the Department.

Those who are interested in contributing shorter reflection pieces can submit their manuscripts to our blog ‘A Different View’. The Academic Think Tank (ATT) is loosely focused on the Annual Theme of IAPSS and functions as the IAPSS Academic Committee as well. Each year, a call for applications is launched to select a small group of graduate, postgraduate students, or more experienced junior researchers who will work together on a prescribed general theme, helped by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the rest of the Academic Department. The Student Research Committees offer another range of opportunities to IAPSS members. Within the SRCs, they interact with individuals with similar interests, work together with the other members on papers and other forms of research outputs, and form panels for the IAPSS conferences as well as conferences held by IAPSS’ partner organizations.

Last but not least, Academic Outreach Committee is responsible for the delegations, academic partnerships and networks of IAPSS. Delegations are a prime outcome of the academic partnership of IAPSS with renowned academic and professional associations, such as IPSA (International Political Science Association), ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research), ISA (International Studies Association), and UACES (Academic Association for Contemporary European Studies). IAPSS panels at the conferences of these organizations feature selected work of the Academic Department affiliates and if capacity allows, separate Calls for Applications are launched for applicants who wish to submit abstracts for these panels.

For general inquiries please feel free to contact Melis Kirtilli, the Head of the Academic Department Department at



POLITIKON is our flagship journal which contains articles on various topics of political science.

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Encuentro Latinoamericano

Encuentro Latinoamericano is our regional journal for Latin America which contains articles on political issues in this region.

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A Different View

A Different View (ADV) is the popular-scientific blog of IAPSS. As one of the largest student-run blogs, ADV publishes articles dealing with all facets of political theory, foreign policy, and international relations.

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Hunter or Hunted: The Paradoxical Evolution of the ICC by Ngu Nwei Asanga Fon
April 26, 2021

British human rights lawyer and Queen’s Counsel Karim Asad Ahmad Khan was elected on 12 February 2021 as the new Chief…

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Emergence of The QUAD by Meenakshi Bansal
April 19, 2021

IntroductionThe QUAD is a Quadrilateral security dialogue forum which included four countries including Australia, India, Japan and United State of America….

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Counter-Terrorism International Intelligence Cooperation – Antoine Andary, Iris Raith, Madhura Chanda, and Jasmin Saarijarvi
March 20, 2021

The Conflict, Security and Crime SRC ”Global Report” was written by : Mr. Antoine Andary, Miss. Iris Raith, Miss. Madhura Chanda, and Miss. Jasmin Saarijarvi.

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