IAPSS Academic Think Tank

The IAPSS Academic Think Tank (ATT)/Academic Committee (ACOM) aims at the academic exchange and cooperation among members of IAPSS. Established as the IAPSS Think Tank in 2014, its scope was extended in 2017 and its members gained the affiliation of the newly formed IAPSS Academic Committee as well. The ATT is an academic structure which intends to bring together students from MA, PhD and post-doctoral level into a research community focused on a specific annual theme.

The IAPSS ATT working group – a group of 5-8 postgraduate students – researches and works on academic or policy papers, essays and other forms of publication in a strongly collaborative fashion. Supported by the Academic Coordinator, members work both individually and collectively, mutually stimulating each other through debate, ongoing review and exchange. The process enables identifying strengths and weaknesses, reviewing and improving the applied research designs and methodology, and therewith producing high-quality publications during a continous learning process.

Results of the work are published and disseminated either in IAPSS Publications (our journals Encuentro Latinoamericano and POLITIKON), in other forms (e.g. conference papers, collective volumes) and with external partners. They intend to represent a significant student contribution to current debates and research within the wider field of political science and adjacent disciplines. Members of the IAPSS ATT are also encouraged to host guest panels at IAPSS Conferences (e.g. the IAPSS World Congress and the IAPSS Academic Convention)

The members of the ATT 2018/2019