Conflict, Security and Crime SRC

The Conflict, Security and Crime Student Research Committee was established by IPASS to bring researchers and students together with a common interest in conflict, security and crime research.

The SRC is composed of several undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate researchers from all over the world who conduct research together in their respective field. Research is published in the IAPSS journals POLITIKON and ELA or presented at IAPSS events.

SRC Members

Ian Fleming Zhou

Chair of the SRC Conflict, Security and Crime

Ian Fleming holds a M.A. International Politics cum laude & B. A honours in International Politics by the University of South Africa. He has been published in Asian Journal of Peace. His areas of research include nuclear diplomacy, cybersecurity, and foreign policy. In his MA he focused on the use of time delay tactics by North Korea to entrap the US-South Korea alliance during the Six Party Talks. He is currently a contributing editor for The Geopolitics and he is a member of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) youth group.

Antoine Andary

Vice Chair of the SRC Conflict, Security and Crime

Research Interests

Communication, Politics, International Relations, Governance, Human Rights, Democracy Policy, Monitoring Threats by Organized Crime, National and International Cooperation in Criminal Matters, Counter-Terrorism, Anti-Money Laundering. International and Strategic Studies Related to Political & Geopolitical, Security & Defense Affairs Focusing on Global Security, Criminology, Conflict, Geopolitical and International Affairs Matter, Police & Intelligence Agencies like Interpol, Europol, and others.

Skill-Set of Research Methodologies

Data collection, Monitoring and Analysis of information from different sources, Research and Finding information from the internet, Report writing, Critical thinking and analysis, Planning and scheduling, Keeping an eye on competitors, Developing new ideas and products.


Antoine holds a Master’s Degree in Political Communication & International Affairs from the European Communication School Brussels and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Sciences. Certificated in Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism from Georgetown University, and in Counter Intelligence Awareness & Reporting from the United States Department of Defense. Antoine had a training in Journalism for Social Change from the University of California Berkeley, certificate in Business Communications from the University of British Columbia, certificated in Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies from Harvard University. In addition, Antoine was a former volunteer at United Nations – UNICEF, Red Cross, Caritas, Communication, Representative Ambassador & Recruiter at Amnesty International, Communication & Media Consultant at Special Olympics and a former volunteer at JAVVA International Volunteer.

Ayush Banerjee

Member of the SRC Conflict, Security and Crime

Iris Raith

Member of the SRC Conflict, Security and Crime

My name is Iris, a 24-year old Greek and German from Brussels. I completed my law degree at the Heinrich-Heine-University of Düsseldorf in Germany but decided to go back to school in order to study International Relations at Leiden University in The Netherlands in 2019. Past work experiences have included internships at Jones Day law firm, the Ministry for Family, Children and Youth of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Athens Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation as well as various positions in student associations. Through my research I would like to focus on international security, more specifically disarmament, counter-terrorism, intelligence and transnational organized crime. In my free time, I very much enjoy traveling and reading non-fiction on history and politics.

Jasmin Saarijärvi

Member of the SRC Conflict, Security and Crime

I’m Jasmin, originally from Finland but have been living in Amsterdam for the past few years. Currently I’m completing my BSc in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. I’m specializing in International Relations with a minor in Conflict Studies. In the fall of 2020, I will continue to a Master’s program at the UvA. I have been very much involved in student association activities the past years and have been the president of the board of UNISCA 2019-2020. My research interests center around ethnic conflict, identity politics, (domestic and international) terrorist organizations and counter-terrorism, international and human security, conflict resolution and peace.

Javier Olivares-Guerrero

Member of the SRC Conflict, Security and Crime

Javier is a BA senior student in Law and Political Science from the University of Granada (Spain). He has carried out exchange programs at Laval University (Quebec, Canada) and will be an Erasmus+ student at the University of Vienna (Austria) during the 2020-2021 academic year. Since the beginning of his studies, Javier has collaborated with the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in countries such as France and Canada. But his vocation to the diplomatic career is not limited to institutional collaboration. He has also collaborated with numerous think tanks and professors in two lines of research: firstly, defence policy of the European Union and NATO, especially in the realm of cooperative defence with China, India and the MENA Region. Secondly, he is fond of foreign and defence policy analysis and its interaction with nationalism, identity, political integration processes, ethnic and religious diversity. Besides the world of international relations and diplomacy, ancient world history books crowd his library, notably those about Egypt and Persia.

Laura López Paz

Member of the SRC Conflict, Security and Crime

Laura is a PhD Student in Political Science and International Relations at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with an Expert Title in Prevention and Management of International Crises at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, a Master’s
Degree in International Politics: Sectorial and Area’s Studies at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a University Degree in Political Science and Administration at the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela. Her research areas include: International Relations, Conflict Resolution, Peace Research, Peace Building, Peace Making, Peace Keeping, International Cooperation, Global Security, Security and Defense Affairs and Geopolitics.

Machebe Tsakisani

Member of the SRC Conflict, Security and Crime

Machebe Tsakisani is a political science graduate from the University of Pretoria. She holds a BA Honours in Political Science. She is currently studying Law (LLB) from the University of South Africa. Tsakisani enjoys researching and sharing information. Her daily motto is: impossibility only exist in the dictionary of those who see limitation.

Neo Clyde Komane

Member of the SRC Conflict, Security and Crime

Neo Clyde Komane hails from South Africa, he is a graduate of Politics and International Relations from the University of Johannesburg(UJ); he was enrolled in an honourary Leadership development certificate in 2019 with the University of Carlifonia(Los Angeles) in partnership with UJ where he graduated Cum Laude, Neo is currently studying towards his honours in Public Policy and African Studies at the same University.

Neo works as a Junior Researcher at the National Labour and Economic Development Institute which is the research division of the Congress of South African Trade Unions, before that he worked at Fredrich Ebert Stiftung – South Africa where he worked on International Relations. He served a the Treasurer-General of the United Nations Association of South Africa-UJ and he also served in the UJ Student Parliament for 2 terms before going to serve in UNICEF-UJ as an outreach under-secretary.

His research interests include, but are not limited to: International Conflict, International Political Economy, International Security, International Law and International Crime.


Former members of the SRC include Esther Brito, Dane Smith, Maitreyee Shilpa Kishor, Sasha Erskine, Anna Sarasibar, and Maja Zimmerman.