Accessibility and Disability Inclusion Student Research Committee

IAPSS, Art Beyond Sight, and Disability Unite are proud to announce our partnership and coordinated efforts toward the advancement of accessibility, access and inclusion for students around the globe.

This committee focuses on pertinent issues and advocacy relating to the disability community and creating a more accessible world. Students will work hand in hand with Art Beyond Sight (ABS) and Disability Unite (DU) directors and teams, as well as local and city government officials.

Members of the Student Research Committee on Accessibility and Disability Inclusion have opportunities to submit research for publishing and presentation, with the support of global and local community leaders. Students gain comprehensive experience in accessibility and disability inclusion, grow their professional network by connecting with skilled individuals and organizations, and augment their resume experience. In addition, members of the committee are able to take advantage of the many enriching academic opportunities IAPSS offers its members.

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