By: Donatella Bonansinga

A ‘Populist’ Guide to Europe’s 2017 Elections
April 28, 2017

The elections of March 15th in The Netherlands officially opened the long season of electoral consultations scheduled in many EU Member…

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The Dangers of Identity Politics
February 27, 2017

Only a few decades ago we were cheering the theorization of the world as a ‘global village’. The contraction of time…

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Ageing Europe
February 6, 2017

The European Union has embarked upon an ambitious program of becoming “the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world…

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Italy: An Oracle on Populism
January 25, 2017

* This article was originally published by CEE New Perspectives, companion blog of the academic journal New Perspectives, published by the Institute…

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No, Verbal Violence is Not Political Honesty! The Dangerous Language Shift in Contemporary Debates
December 6, 2016

Are we witnessing a crisis of political language? The current trends do not seem to provide a promising picture, as political…

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The Visegrad Four: A Controversial Stand Against Migration
November 22, 2016

The refugee crisis has hit severely the EU as whole. While people in search of international protection are still dying at…

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Don’t Expect Populism To Disappear
November 8, 2016

It is undeniable that anti-politics sentiments are on the rise all over Europe and that these trends also mirror the equivalent…

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Burkinis and The Politics of Insecurity
October 25, 2016

At the end of the Cold War, the concept of security was subjected to an academic redefinition and a certain consensus…

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