By: Justin Patrick

Winning Policy Proposal from ASEAN Youth Organization-India’s “A More Prosperous Future For the Youth Policy Brief Workshop”
September 3, 2021

In summer 2021, IAPSS partnered with the ASEAN Youth Organization-India on a youth policy brief workshop where participants developed policy proposals…

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IAPSS Ukraine Sends Delegate to G20 Culture Ministers Meeting in Rome Italy
August 18, 2021

IAPSS Ukraine is working toward international cooperation and is representing political science students on the world stage! At the July 29-30…

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Ask an IAPSS Team Member: IAPSS USA and Canada Chair Oleksii Zahreba – Video Transcript
January 11, 2021

IAPSS President Justin Patrick interviews IAPSS USA and Canada Chair Oleksii Zahreba about experiences in IAPSS, initiatives that IAPSS USA and Canada is working on, the Global Student Government, and visions for the future.

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33rd IAPSS General Assembly Results
December 20, 2020

The 33rd IAPSS General Assembly was held on December 12, 2020 and the voting period lasted until December 19, 2020. The…

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International Association for Political Science Students’ UN75 Regional Consultations
September 4, 2020

Organization Contacts:  Justin Patrick (President of IAPSS Global): Rory Mondshein (Director of Civic Engagement and Strategic Diplomacy):  Dates: IAPSS…

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Call for Papers: Encuentro Latinoamericano Vol. 5, N° 1 (2020)
June 25, 2020

Call for Papers: Encuentro Latinoamericano Vol. 5, N° 1 (2020) Encuentro Latinoamericano: Revista de Ciência Política (ELA) é uma publicação da…

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