By: Sergiu Delcea

“Dacian obsession and other Romanian meanderings” – Humanitas, 2015, Dan Alexe – book review
October 5, 2015

In the spirit of Laitin’s seminal works on language and nation-building, Dan Alexe’s 2015 book  attempts an innovative multi-layered deconstruction (at least…

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D. Bohle & B. Greskovits’ Capitalist Diversity on Europe’s Periphery: A book review
April 25, 2015

To paraphrase Daniel Chirot the simple catchphrase used to describe the events of 1989 as a fall of communism yields remarkably…

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Cinema and politics: Whiplash (2014) and the boundaries of democratic education systems
February 20, 2015

A cursory glance at this year’s Oscar nominations reveals a surprising cluster (The Theory of Everything, The Imitation Game, Birdman, Whiplash) around…

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How and why does the past matter? Product cycles, historical legacies and nation-building in CEE post-communist transitions
February 6, 2015

Paraphrasing Katzenstein, Greskovits argues that post-communist transformations were warped by perceptions of vulnerability, which stem from competing politics of memory vis-à-vis…

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Analysing social policy concepts and language: D. Beland, K. Petersen (Eds.)
January 25, 2015

The aim of this article is to review Beland and Petersen’s strong contribution to a welfare state scholarship that has, for quite…

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Polarizing discourses: Social media and “the burden of being democratic” in the 2014 Romanian presidential race
November 28, 2014

If at one point democracy rested on people reading the comics and the sports sections of newspapers (Leo Strauss), now it’s…

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Cinema and politics – The Star Wars Saga (Part 3): Agency and politics: prophecies, fall and redemption of Darth Vader
October 19, 2014

If ever there was an iconic character in modern sci-fi movies, then clearly this character has been Darth Vader. From condom…

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Some disconnected thoughts on Romania’s first female presidential candidates
September 15, 2014

Touching on the very hot topic (as shown previously) of religion, a future presidential candidate put her foot down – religious…

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Post-Lautsi effect or populism: Church-state relationship and orthodoxism in the upcoming Romanian presidential race
September 1, 2014

Complementing earlier statements that the Romanian president must be of Orthodox faith, current Romanian PM and future presidential candidate Victor Ponta (rumored to…

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Where and why to set the start of the path for a welfare-state trajectory: Social policy as nation-building in interwar Central and Eastern Europe
August 14, 2014

If there is any place where Skocpol and Pierson‘s assertion that some form of institutionalism and path-dependent analysis have become the norm,…

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