The International Association for Political Science Students launches its Call for Papers for the IAPSS World Congress 2019, which will take place in Madrid, historical and political nucleus of Spain. Join us at the largest annual international conference for students and junior scholars of Political Science, International Relations and related studies in 2019!

The Topic: Overcoming Injustice

Justice is a fundamental value for individuals and societies around the globe. However, the understandings of just and unjust conduct may vary significantly depending on a range of factors, including historical traditions and embeddedness, ideological preferences or regime types of the respective political community. While justice is very frequently associated with courts as one of the branches in the classical conception of separation of powers, developed by the French philosopher Charles de Montesquieu and his successors, other political institutions and actors play an equally important role in shaping individual and societal perceptions of justice. Moreover, in some political communities, justice that is aimed to be achieved through judicial systems in modern democracies is not generally accepted and other forms of ‘everyday’ justice are much more common.’

Contemporary debates about justice that span in the academic world, policy spheres and society cannot be confined to the boundaries of single political communities, states and societies. We need to understand what principles determine reconciliation and redress of grievances not only at national, but also at local and international levels, and examine the interaction between them. Moreover, several scholars, activists and policymakers point at the increasing social (in)justice in contemporary times, where significant inequalities persist, hindering opportunities for full-blown participation of many individuals and whole groups in societal affairs.

In 2019, the IAPSS World Congress will examine the multiplicity of forms, features and elements of justice in contemporary societies, in domestic politics as well as international relations, creating networks for interaction between students, junior academics and more senior scholars.

Nuestro Tema Anual: Superando las Injusticias

La Justicia es un valor fundamental tanto para los individuos como para las sociedades alrededor del mundo. En este sentido, el entendimiento de las conductas justas e injustas puede variar significativamente en función de diversos factores, que incluyen las tradiciones históricas, prácticas culturales, preferencias ideológicas, los tipos de regímenes políticos y sus comunidades. Mientras que la Justicia se asocia frecuentemente con los Tribunales como representantes de una de las ramas del Poder Político, de acuerdo con la teoría de la separación de Poderes desarrollada por el filósofo francés, Charles de Montesquieu y sus sucesores, otras instituciones políticas así como otros actores juegan un rol igual de importante a la hora de dar forma a las percepciones individuales y colectivas sobre el concepto de Justicia. Además, mientras que en algunas comunidades políticas se aspira a obtener la justicia mediante el desarrollo de sistemas judiciales complejos en otras comunidades, concretamente en las “Democracias Modernas“ otras formas de Justicia perceptibles a nivel cotidiano pueden llegar a ser mucho más importantes.

Call for Papers

The IAPSS World Congress 2019 seeks to establish an academic discussion focusing broadly on how societies around the globe approach and address injustice among their members.

As an international conference, we hope that the different methodological and cultural backgrounds of our participants will enrich this platform with innovative research and strong academic contributions.

We welcome papers from undergraduate, graduate and PhD students, as well as from junior scholars from different academic subfields, such as comparative politics, international relations, international political economy, political theory, international relations theory, security studies, public policy, foreign policy analysis and administration, human rights, international law, regional and area studies as well as political psychology and behaviour studies, gender studies, among others. Studies on research methods (political methodology) are also invited.

Special Note: In accordance with IAPSS policy of regionalization and due to the potential number of Spanish speaking applicants abstracts and papers can be submitted in English as well as in Spanish. A Spanish speaking Academic Committee will review them and verify their academic quality and there will be student panels arranged in Spanish.

We particularly welcome submissions on topics closely linked to the World Congress Theme:

  • Normative and theoretical perspectives on justice and concepts (fairness, freedom, equality);
  • Measurements of Justice and inequalities;
  • The role of factors in shaping global governance, and international politics;
  • The meditation of injustice through economical policies (capitalism and its main contributions to (in)equality;
  • Justice in domestic and regional politics: comparative and case studies;
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to study (in)justice;
  • Justice and political regimes;
  • The contributions of political diversity to a just society;
  • Justice in decision-making and international courts in civil and common law systems;
  • Justice, human rights and gender equality;
  • The Rule of Law and international institutions;
  • Law, justice and theories of development;
  • Globalization and its influences on global inequalities;
  • Violations of environmental rights as manifestations of global injustice;
  • Global inequalities and the role of the market;
  • Injustice and migration policies;
  • Justice and Political representation;
  • Freedom and Justice in and of the Academia;
  • Towards more just access to Political Science and Human Rights education.

We also look forward to receiving submissions dealing with other key phenomena in

  • Political Science and related studies, including (but not limited to);
  • political theory;
  • international relations theory;
  • the concepts of power, authority, legality, and legitimacy;
  • political crises and crisis management at national and international level;
  • models of democracy;
  • role of the non-state actors in international relations;
  • foreign policy analysis;
  • democratic transitions and constitutional reforms;
  • the relationship between elites and citizens and the challenge of populist actors;
  • The impact of new tools in political communication and media on public opinion;
  • security studies;
  • conflict studies;
  • post-conflict reconciliation processes;
  • emotions versus rational action in political conduct.

Guidelines for Abstract and Papers Submissions

Please send us your abstract of no more than 250 words through this form. The form also includes the name of the author(s), the title of the paper, key words, home university, and email address(es).

The priority deadline for abstracts is now January 31, 2019. Priority applicants will have their abstracts reviewed and receive their decisions in early February. The regular and final deadline to submit abstracts is February 14, 2019. Regular applicants will receive their decisions in late February to early March.

Selected candidates for student panels will then be provided with a timeline and the paper submission platform. Full papers must be submitted by April 25, 2019.

Congress Registration

Please note that once your abstract is selected, in order to present your paper at one of the student panels, you will need to register for the conference by purchasing your ticket in the IAPSS Web Store. The ticket for the IAPSS World Congress will be 84 Euros. Registration will open January 14, 2019.

The IAPSS Fee Waiver is offered to Student Research Committee and Academic Think Tank members, and ADV Authors. who successfully present their research at the World Congress, and other selected guests from IAPSS’ partner associations. Please note that you cannot apply for the IAPSS Fee Waiver.

IAPSS Scholarships and IAPSS Travel Grants

IAPSS’ budget on grants is limited, as most of our incomes are from membership and events fees. However, we strongly believe that it is crucial to facilitate the participation of the most talented junior researchers of all fields at IAPSS’ largest annual event. Therefore, there will be a call launched for applications for Scholarships and Travel Grants. Information will be released to all panelists whose abstracts are accepted in February. It will also be posted here once those decisions are announced, so please check back at a later time.

Registration will open January 14, 2019

Submit Your Abstract

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Enrique Romeo, Head of World Congress at We look forward to your submission.