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Ask an IAPSS Team Member: IAPSS USA and Canada Chair Oleksii Zahreba – Video Transcript
January 11, 2021

IAPSS President Justin Patrick interviews IAPSS USA and Canada Chair Oleksii Zahreba about experiences in IAPSS, initiatives that IAPSS USA and Canada is working on, the Global Student Government, and visions for the future.

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Interview with IAPSS Vice President Jennifer Yi
May 11, 2019

“Experiencing the World Congress itself was what convinced me to continue my involvement in IAPSS” In this second edition of the…

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Interview with Tobias Scholz, IAPSS President
March 20, 2019

Interviewer: Tobi, you are currently the President of IAPSS. What are your key goals for IAPSS that you want to reach…

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