When and Where will the World Congress take place?

IAPSS Virtual World Congress will take place between May 11-14. The program of events, panels, and workshops will be publicized very soon, so stay tuned!
The event will be held online.

Where can I register for the World Congress?

In order to register for the event, an active and valid IAPSS membership is required. Make sure this step is complete, and then you will be able to purchase a ticket to the event through the IAPSS webstore. If you are experiencing issues with this, email worldcongress@iapss.org .

How much does it cost to attend the conference?

In order to attend the IAPSS World Congress, you need to:
  1. Become an IAPSS Membership for 2,45 – 15 EUR here
  2. Get your Congress ticket for 45 EUR here: www.iapss.org/iapss-store/  (Early Bird – 35 EUR)

Is there a scholarship?
Yes, there will be opportunities to receive funding. We at IAPSS strongly believe that it is crucial to facilitate the participation of the most talented young researchers of all specializations at IAPSS’ largest annual event. Therefore, there will be an open call among successful abstract authors for the IAPSS Scholarship – a scholarship awarded to a maximum five students who demonstrate both academic excellence and pressing financial need, covering expenses up to 45 € depending on the ticket price. Please note that scholarships are handed out upon the condition of successful accomplishment of the paper presentation – not in advance to the World Congress.

To apply for a grant or scholarship to participate in the World Congress, click here.

The deadline to apply for a scholarship grant is May 1.

How long should the paper be? What’s the format of the paper?

The paper should be between 4,000 and 6,000 words. For further requirements on the paper submission please check here.

How can I submit my full paper?
You can submit your full papers via this online form.

The deadline for full paper submission is on May 1.

My abstract was accepted by the World Congress Abstract Committee – what is the deadline for submitting the paper and where can I find paper requirements?

The deadline to submit your paper is  May 1. The paper submission requirements can be found here.

Can I submit a paper if it has previously been published?

Yes, there is no restriction to paper submission. IAPSS will not claim any right to your paper or draft that you plan to present during the  World Congress. 

Can I present at the conference with me and my co-author?

Yes, it is possible to present a paper with co-authors. However, we want to highlight that each author needs an individual ticket to the World Congress. This means that both you and the co-author of your paper will need to separately become IAPSS members and purchase a Congress ticket respectively. 

I haven’t received any email on my paper. Should I assume that my paper has been rejected?

We send out acceptances, conditional acceptances, and rejection emails, so if you haven’t received an email about your proposal after the date we say you should hear from us, please contact worldcongress@iapss.org

Is it possible to participate as a panel chair or discussant?

Yes! Serving as a panel chair and/or discussant is an opportunity to enhance your academic experience, and these positions are crucial for the best reciprocal outcome of the conference, as you will be giving our panelists valuable feedback on their work. You will also gain experience on reviewing papers as well as being part of an academic panel. We will be sending you the online application form during the first week of April. You will be informed about our choice shortly afterwards.

What is expected of the panel chairs and discussants?
As a panel chair you are expected to:

  • Read the papers in your panel carefully and prepare thoughtful questions.
  • Start and keep your panel on time.
  • Take and manage questions from the audience directed to panelists.
  • Keep audience questions on topic.

As a discussant you are expected to:

  • Carefully read the papers that you are assigned and be prepared to discuss their contributions, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Be prepared to discuss your reactions to the papers and why, answering such questions as what the author can improve.
  • Be prepared to stimulate conversation among the audience by posing questions for discussion.

My abstract was accepted by the World Congress Abstract Committee, and I need a letter of acceptance to show my university and/or employer.
Please contact wcadminassistant@iapss.org for a copy of your acceptance letter.
I want to participate at the IAPSS World Congress, but missed the abstract submission deadline? Can I participate as an observer?
Yes! We are very happy to welcome participants that wish to participate as an observer. You will have access to the same program points as panelists have and are entitled to participate in workshops and study visits. Please purchase your observer ticket in our webshop
I am presenting 2 papers. Do I need to purchase more than 1 ticket?
No, you will only need 1 ticket.
Which platform will the conference take place on?
We will be using Zoom.
Will I be able to choose what time I can present at?
Unlike previous years, where all participants were gathered in one location, our attendees will be located all over the globe. To accommodate for our vast time ranges, we will offer participants 1 of 2 options for general time frames to accommodate for your time zone.
Will the sessions be recorded?
We are not planning to record any of the panelists; however, we will be recording the speakers and posting these videos a week after the World Congress ends.
Will the Congress be only us presenting our papers, or will there be other social activities for us to anticipate as well?
Normally, we would have many social events to take place when students are not presenting. This year, albeit digitally, we are still planning to create opportunities to network and socialize with other attendees. More information will be released later.