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Political Science is more than just texts. It is people with their own stories, ideas, and experiences. At IAPSS Live, we discuss with Political Scientists from all fields within the discipline about their personal motivation behind their research. We want to discover the human behind the text and the reasons for choosing an academic career. Can you choose research when your goal is to bring some sort of change to the world? Does a change of International Relations require us to rethink all concepts and theoretical frameworks? These and many more questions matter, when we discuss security, gender, or sustainability with researchers from all over the world in IAPSS Live.

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IAPSS Live | Pippa Norris on Tipping Points, Cultural Backlash and Rising Populism
April 29, 2019

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IAPSS Live | Adam Hoffman on Legitimizing the Caliphate: ISIS, Jihadi Media and Politics
January 6, 2019

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IAPSS Live | Kathryn Sikkink on The Concept of Norm Life Cycle
December 23, 2018

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