International Cooperation Department

Rory Mondshein

Director of Civic Engagement and Strategic Diplomacy
Rory Mondshein is a human rights advocate with 10 years of experience in multi-level policy and communications work. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Bard College and a Masters of Science in Human Rights from the London School of Economics & Political Science, Rory has supplemented her international NGO experiences with local-level human rights-based policymaking. In addition to coordinating educational programs in over a dozen countries, Rory has contributed to local politics through her advocacy, community work, and social impact program—Make It Appn—which used technology to help New Yorkers get access to social services and shelters. Rory currently supplements her local-level work by serving as a Communications Associate with UN2020, Climate Reality Leader, Carnegie New Leader, Vice Chair of IAPSS' Comparative Politics Research Committee, and Community Service Director for UNA USA SNY YP Board. She currently sits on the National Council for the United Nations Association of the United States of America.As a Robert J. Myers Fellow at the Carnegie Council, Rory focuses on the economics and externalities of disability exclusion in the United States.


As the Director of Civic Engagement and Strategic Diplomacy at IAPSS, Rory assists in the creation of partnership, sponsorship, prospective membership, and other agreement packages and related documents and correspondence for distribution to external organizations; and liaises with the regions to coordinate programs to facilitate the beginning of the Decade of Action for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Home Region: USA

Joined IAPSS: November 2016

Key Accomplishments:
- Worked with the IAPSS Regional Divisions and liaised with UN75 to organize seven UN75 Consultations (2020)
- Coordinated IAPSS' endorsement of the UN75 People's Declaration (2020)
- Keynote speaker at the Global International Youth Development's Youth Day (2020)
- Served as the first IAPSS USA & Canada Regional Chair (2019)
- Assisted the 2017-2019 Executive Committee with developing the blueprint for IAPSS regional structures (2017-2019)

IAPSS Presentations;
- IAPSS World Congress, 2019 (Madrid)
- IAPSS World Congress, 2018 (Paris)
- European Consortium of Political Research, 2017 (Oslo)
- IAPSS World Congress, 2017 (Budapest)

IAPSS Roles/Affiliations:
- Vice Chair of the Comparative Politics Research Committee (2020-Present)
- Regional Chair of IAPSS USA and Canada (2019)

Additional Affiliations:
- Vice Chair of the Policies & Procedures Committee at the National Council of the United Nations Association of the United States (2020-present)
- Mid-Atlantic Regional Representative to the National Council of the United Nations Association of the United States (2020-present)
- Climate Reality Leader at Climate Reality Network (2019-present)
- Communications Associate at UN2020 (2019-present)
- Community Service Director of the United Nations Association of the United States' Southern NY Division Young Professionals Board (2020-present)
- Carnegie New Leader at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs (2019-present)

Anthony Consalvo

Strategic Intelligence Coordinator
Anthony has a BA in International Studies from the University of South Florida. His area of interest is global, with a focus on the post-1975 world order, and he has been networking with his graduate and postgraduate professional life with said specialization in mind. This has ranged from the UN civil society conference in Salt Lake City to behind-the-scenes work at the UN global talent show (ask Rory Mondshein for details) and as part of the Humanitarian Focus Foundation with Andrisse Bass.

Patricia Kumbakisaka

Strategic Communications and Partnerships Coordinator
Patricia is a Canadian rising voice for global advocacy, International relations, youth in diplomacy, & foreign policy. She was recently named 2020 Most Accomplished Black-Canadian woman; where her story will be published among a collection of recipients in the book 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women – 2020.


Patricia is the IAPSS Strategic Partnerships and Communications Coordinator & also the President of the Canadian Political Science Students' Association. Pat comes from a diplomatic family – her family is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo however she’s never been there, she was born in Bucharest, Romania and moved to Athens, Greece at the age of 3 and lived there for 7 years. After that she and her family moved to Canada when she was 10 years. Patricia is fluent in five languages: Belgian-French, English, Greek, Swahili and Romanian. The global citizen now resides in the National capital region of Canada; in Ottawa.

Patricia studied Political Science, with a specialization in international relations, at the University of Manitoba and she also undertook extended research at the Department of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution at the University of Ottawa, and is now finishing a cultural diplomacy & International relations research course with the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy.

In addition to that she has conducted research work with UNITAR on a general introduction to the relationship between human rights, International Legal and Foreign Policy Framework and the work that the United Nation does. Accordingly, her academic training was specifically focused on the analysis of state-level policies regarding human rights and security, including analysis of the global political system, its key actors as well as the Canadian state and society. In 2016 she was a successful nominee and was accepted as Chair of Human Rights Council for the UN Youth Association of Romania; she worked with foreign officials on projects related to Canadian and foreign local laws, cultural, economic and political conditions.

In 2018 she was the Canadian Youth delegate at the UN Headquarters for the UN Youth Assembly in New York where she got a chance to elevate her voice in international dialogues, empowered youth to advocate for future generations, and mobilise youth as agents of impact change. She continues to advocate for the youths and see that the voice of the youth is heard loud and clear. She designed a project called Canada’s Diversity advantage with the United Nations Association
of Canada - in which she engaged various youth in Canada in an interactive sharing of multi-generational lived-experiences that will cultivate a deeper understanding of the historic journey of different individuals who have contributed to building Canada as a nation, and shaping its shared heritage. The program rolled out in schools and community centres led by her and raised awareness on the migration patterns of Canadians It also enhanced youth appreciation of their country's diverse population and the contribution of this diversity to Canada’s identity.

What she hopes to bring in IAPSS International Cooperation department is a strong collaboration of youth around the world understanding how the International relations world function and having the opportunities to participate, engage and have their voices heard.