Digital Education

The proliferation of internet access and available online learning tools provides new global educational opportunities. A new frontier emerged in 2010s with the expansion of MOOCs, and digital education is increasingly adopted by universities globally as part of their curriculum.

Since 2017, IAPSS has cooperated with Federica WebLearning with the aim to introduce political science online learning to a wide audience and bring new opportunities for IAPSS members – virtual class, events, and delegations.


Authored by some of the most outstanding academics in the IPSA community, IPSAMOOCs are an essential tool for a wide number of users: students who are considering, or starting, a degree in Political Science; teachers at any level, who can complement their existing courses in an innovative way; anyone interested in a better understanding of the challenges facing contemporary democracies. Available now on edX, the leading MOOC platform.

  • Team

    Ana Magdalena Figueroa
    Data Analyst

    Andressa Liegi Vieira Costa
    Data Analyst

    Bruna Veríssimo
    Data Analyst

    Eren Demirbas
    Project Manager (2019)

    Max Steuer
    Project Coordinator

    Questions? You can contact the project team at


  • Research

    Data analysis and research efforts are integral parts of the project, with a general question of the contribution of the IPSAMOOCs to the dissemination of knowledge and fostering of critical thinking in Political Science as a discipline and (depending on available data) in the global society more broadly.

    Outcomes of the research efforts were presented during the panel Overcoming Injustice at the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR)’s 2019 General Conference in Wroclaw, Poland, and further research is conducted in cooperation with Federica WebLearning, with future presentations planned.


    American Political Science Association (APSA) Teaching and Learning Conference 2020 | 7-9 February 2020 | Albuquerque, USA

    Panel, Online Learning: Democratizing Global Access and Motivating Student Learning


    UK Political Studies Association (PSA) Early Career Network #BecauseTheInternet Conference | 13-24 July 2020 | held virtually

    Prerecorded presentation, part of the Online Teaching Workshop


    IPSA World Congress 2021 | 10-14 July 2021 | Lisbon, Portugal

    Panel, A Discipline Divided? Method, Subfield, Paradigm, and Political Cleavages within Political Science, convened by the IPSA Research Committee No. 33 on The Study of Political Science as a Discipline

    Time and Room TBA

  • Project

    Following successful collaborations, IAPSS and Federica WebLearning have entered into a partnership in 2018 to develop a new project. Federica WebLearning is one of the leaders in open-access course production and delivery in Europe, hosting over 300 blended courses and 150 MOOCs.

    Observing a gap in the availability and visibility of political science MOOCs, the goal of the project is to introduce political science online learning programs and their benefits to a global, diverse community of learners and MOOC enthusiasts.

  • Events

    Three funded opportunities in the field of digital education were made available to IAPSS members.

    A Virtual Class – 10 IAPSS members have enrolled in the IPSAMOOC Xseries provided by Federica WebLearning on edX, and have completed the program during the academic year 2018/2019. The experiences and thoughts from the IAPSS virtual class members were shared during a roundtable at the IAPSS World Congress in Madrid, May 2019. 

    Delegations – After a first delegation to the 2018 edition, 7 IAPSS members were selected to attend the IPSA-Federica Summer School 2019 in Capri, Italy. Organised every year, the innovative program is composed of an online course and discussions prior to the in-person workshops on Concept Analysis in the Web Environment in the Island of Capri.

    We’re looking forward to new events and opportunities for our members in 2020!