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Sponsored Blog Post


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    This product is for organizations looking to post sponsored and/ore advertising content on the IAPSS website. Sponsors must contact president@iapss.org with a pitch for the content they would like promoted before making a purchase. Sponsored blog posts must go through the following evaluation process:

    1. If the client is an organization, we would need to know their organization name and a link to their website so we can ensure that they align with our values as specified in our guiding documents as well as with our demographic (students in political science and related fields). If it is an individual, we can proceed to step 2.

    2. Your writers can provide the content in the form of text and/or images. We would need to see a draft before agreeing to publish it. We may require changes to ensure that it aligns with our guiding documents linked above. If the content is intended to be included in an existing article already published by IAPSS as opposed to a standalone article dedicated to the sponsored content, it is up to IAPSS to decide which article it is included in and how it is situated on the webpage.

    3. We can offer an article inclusive of text and/or images, or text and images on an existing article published by IAPSS, for 100 Euros per year, payable through our online portal (this product). Once the payment has been made, we will strive to publish it within a week’s time on our main article blog. We must mention that the article is sponsored content via text, labels, and/or graphics.

    Questions and concerns regarding sponsored content can be directed to president@iapss.org.