On 31st October 2018, IAPSS celebrated its 20th Anniversary. To celebrate this important achievement, IAPSS launched the Regionalisation Project, with the aim of making IAPSS a more accessible, inclusive and global association. In order to respond and interact with students in every region, IAPSS should be able to organize itself in all parts of the world.

Covering more than 50 countries – spanning from the ruins of Jordan in the West, the jungles of the Timor-Leste in the East, to the mountains of Japan in the north, the IAPSS Asia Outreach Program provides an alternative avenue to students, as well as early-career researchers, and academics, to discuss key-important political issues across Asia. Furthermore, IAPSS Asia focuses more on the socio-politico side of Asian Studies, which has predominantly been the central academic discipline in studying the region.

Considering its cultural, social, as well as political diversity, the IAPSS Asia Outreach Program aims to redefine the borders of the region by providing extensive academic, as well as social support to the studentry. This support would allow us to create a much more inclusive, and active community. Such initiatives would include our dedicated Audio and Video Podcasts, which will give an opportunity to all Political Science students to share their own stories; their own experiences and purviews on some of the most pressing political and social issues of our time. The Asia Outreach Program’s Academic Blog on the other hand, would allow students to publish their own research written in their own language, with the help of the proposed Translation Committee. Different projects will also be launched through our Country Coordinators from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Nepal, and Iraq (Kurdistan) throughout the mandate.

Rutaba Tariq Regional Chair
"Rutaba Tariq is currently the Regional Chair for IAPSS Asia. With a focus on developing the regional chapter and strengthening the network of political scientists in Asia, Rutaba is adamant in making IAPSS Asia a politically and socially inclusive platform for young Asians. Rutaba is currently pursuing her Masters in International Relations with a focus on Peace Studies and the Middle East from the University of Karachi. She is also associated with OIC’s Official Youth Forum (Islamic Conference Youth Forum) and has consulted on the 1st OIC Youth Policy. For the past 2 years, she has served as the Country Coordinator for the same forum and runs a project titled ‘National Model OIC’. A little over 1000 young people have been trained in the art of diplomacy and policy making as a result. Through her work with British Council’s Active Citizen Program, Rutaba co-founded Break Free, a social action project aimed at eliminating the marginalization and social degradation divorced women face in Pakistan. She has also been a part of PILDAT’s Pakistan Youth Parliament and has served as the Deputy Speaker. She has recently received the SOAS Academic Summer School’s Ambassador Scholarship and will be attending SOAS to study Conflict & International Development this July. "
Fauzan Fadliansyah Liaison_Coordinator
Muhammad Qasim Mirzaiy Outreach Coordinator
"Mohammad Qasim Mirzaye is the Asia Outreach Coordinator pursuing his bachelor in political science at Jami university, Afghanistan. He has attended several international competitions on international commercial arbitration in Afghanistan, Bahrain and Honk Kong, and is currently leading a volunteer network of students that works for the advancement and talent development of university students. Furthermore, he has organized several MUNs and British Parliamentary Debate competitions, and is leading Jami University's debate club. Beside his university studies, he is also coaching the TOEFL test [A well-known standardized test of English as a foreign language]. Moreover, he has founded a movement called Bookies in Afghanistan to foster studying and reading among University students in Afghanistan, and has established peace clubs in high schools. He also has a one-year experience of working with humanitarian organizations such as UNHCR and ARAA in which he helped and provided refugees, returnees and IDPs with food, shelter, WASH and legal assistance. "
Bonie Noor Media_Coordinator
Bonie Noor is serving as the Media Coordinator. As an undergraduate Student in Universitas Indonesia and Deakin University through double degree bachelor program of Social and Political Sciences, majoring in Communication Studies. He firmly believes that students of Political Science can bring great changes to the world through their expertise in each of their fields. Having the experiences of participating in 14 MUNs both in National and International levels. he also have participated in student activity regarding Mangroves conservation in cooperation between Universitas Indonesia students and University of Queensland. He is open for new opportunities in order to put his skills to good use.
Upasana Ranjib Media_Coordinator
"~ Upasana Ranjib is the Media Coordinator at IAPSS Asia. With a baccalaureate degree in a Triple Majors, in Media studies, Economics and Political Science, she specialised in Political Science featuring South Asian Public policy and administration. With an inclination to further study Political Psychology and Sports Policy, she has a massive inclination towards bringing about social justices, through the discipline. In 2016, she co-founded an organisation called 'Dialogue' to create interaction between citizens and government representatives, and has been actively involved in student politics, to give direction to that same inclination. With an interest in politics as strong as she likes her coffee, through IAPSS, Upasana hopes to raise awareness on Asian politics to students and engage with them better so that they may themselves may become better contributors and carriers of society's changes through government policies. With a massive inclination towards research, she has published a few papers and worked on a dissertation based on women political legitimacy in South Asia, and constantly is on the lookout for newer research. In her spare moments, she is often found honing her skills as a national swimmer, being a political analyst, volunteering with the United Nations or draining down many cups of coffee, scribbling away poetry in a diary. ~ "
Ginisha Dewani Projects_and_Events_Coordinator
"Ginisha Dewani, is the Projects and Events coordinator for IAPSS Asia. She aims to build an engaging platform for students in Asia, by creating opportunities for them to participate in events. Her responsibility is to manage and coordinate all projects from drafting of the project proposal to their implementation. What inspired her to be a part of IAPSS was the opportunity to connect people in Asia, to discuss and find solutions to the key concerns in Asian politics. With her ongoing PhD research work on Urban Governance and Sustainability, she aims to study solutions to the global concerns that the governments are facing and to learn new practices. She has done her Master’s in Public Administration and Bachelors with a major in Political Science, Public Administration and Sociology. Ginisha holds expertise in Public Policy, Development Administration, Sustainable Development, International Relations, Local Governance and Politics in India. She has worked as Manager, Arts, at British Council, India, where she has closely worked on projects with government, foreign and local partners. She has been involved in projects and developing ideas to promote culture and education among the UK and India. In her career span Ginisha had also taught public policy, Politics in India, World Affairs and Sociology at her University. She is well skilled in documentation and data analysis. She holds experience in designing the course curriculum for students and developing examination modules. Also, being active on the cultural side, she had been involved in looking after events as the Cultural Executive at the University. Ginisha had worked on local projects in her city on development projects concerned with slum sanitation and rejuvenation of the city, in close collaboration with the city officials. Her liking towards research has made her write and present papers in multiple conferences and seminars. Ginisha has been awarded a Gold medal for excelling in her graduation subjects. She has been a rank holder at University for her proficiency in Masters. On the other front, she is fond of dance and has been praised and awarded for practising classical Indian dance style- Bharatnatyam. She loves travelling and exploring new culture and food. She likes to meet people, interact and learn. KEEP LEARNING SOMETHING NEW, BECAUSE LIFE GETS BORING WHEN YOU STAY WITHIN YOUR LIMITS. "

IAPSS Asia Country Coordinators

Savita Badjugar India_Country_Coordinator
Savita, India Country Co-ordinator and Pursing PhD at Jawwaharlal Nehru University, India. She attended IAPSS World, Congress, 2018, Paris and IAPSS Academic Convention 2019, Singapore. She hold a Master’s Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. Both degrees have accorded her professional mastery of Political Science. She is proficient in public speaking and adept at sharing knowledge with varying audiences. She have demonstrated this through research papers and seminars that she presented at workplaces and in the course of my degrees. Many students have affirmed her exceptional ability to bring understanding to complex subjects. She have also garnered teaching experience, especially in International Relations, US Africa Policy, Indian Foreign Policy, International Organizations, European Union and Kenya-USA relations and lastly South Africa USA Relations. Her contributions would be making the world a better place through humanity and give equal space to each individual. The world couldn't be secure through a big plan. While small steps make a massive transformation in society and state. Each day and each person can contribute to the vision. INDIVIDUAL SAVE HUMANITY.
Syed Hasnain Akbar Pakistan_Country_Coordinator
"Born and brought up in a lesser-known but spectacularly beautiful region of Pakistan, Gilgit Baltistan, deprived of rudimental rights. Syed Hasnain Akber grew up with deep-down sense of humanitarianism, which crafted his visions to challenge the existing social injustices. Hasnain is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from National Defence University, Islamabad, with a career aspiration in a leading development organization. Having belief in “learning-by-doing'' philosophy, he followed the path guided by his curiosity and have worked with both domestic and international development and business organizations in the previous two years. Now committed to serve IAPSS as the Country Coordinator for Pakistan, Hasnain has a vision to build a strong network of IAPSS in Pakistan. He sees IAPSS as a platform for channelizing ideas into impact and promoting informed dialogue. Hasnain also has a profound love for travelling and exploring new places. While Persian Cat, Sloths and Chukar are some best of his best creatures. If you want to make his day, send one these, if not in gifts, pictures can do. (Gifts will be preferred 😂)"
Vacant Nepal_Country_Coordinator
Zhihao Ma China_Country_Coordinator
Zhihao Ma, China Coordinator in IAPSS, is a postgraduate student in Research Methods( Politics&International Relations) at Durham University, United Kingdom. Before studying in the United Kingdom, he got a Bachelor degree in Linguistics in China. His main research focus is on China Studies and China-EU Relations. During the last 2 years, he also worked as the president of University's MUN Association and Debating Society. He is the winner of China National Scholarship and Durham University Global Citizenship Scholarship.
Badr Omar bn Bader Malaysia_Country_Coordinator
"Badr Omar is Malaysia coordinator in IAPSS. He joins IAPSS with a vision to contribute positively for academic and non-academic aspects of politics and international relations in the whole globe and in Asia specifically. He believed that IAPSS would facilitate high level of integration for all students with back grounds in social sciences in general. Such an integration would strengthen networking among world students and formulate more comprehensive approach in implementing different programs and initiatives. Badr is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in international Relations and Strategic Studies at university of Malaya “UM” – Malaysia. He’s more interested in middle-east region and the Arab world. Badr is an active member in many clubs and associations inside and outside the university. For example, he’s the secretary general of Hadhrami Society in Malaysia, one of the founders and managers of Future child platform, Global Peace ambassador etc. he also took parts in various social initiatives and events such as shaping future forum, power of hope event and world urban forum. Badr focus is more toward building human capacity in social science in general, and in politics specifically. "

IAPSS Asia Country Project Coordinators

Hugo Tai China_Projects_Coordinator
Hugo Tai is an MPhil Student in Politics (Comparative Government) at the University of Oxford starting from Fall 2020. In the past few years he has worked in several institutions, including United Nations, Center for Strategic and International Studies Indonesia, Asian Barometer (largest survey project in Asia), Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Taiwan Congress, Taiwan WTO Center, China Guangzhou Arbitration Commission, among others, where he enriched his research and professional skills. Part of his research were presented in international conferences in the US, the UK, France, Japan, China, and Taiwan. He had also received additional method training at the University of Michigan and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. His research were supported by the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology, Political Studies Association, Peking University, NTNU and so on.

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