On 31st October 2018, IAPSS celebrated its 20th Anniversary. To celebrate this important achievement, IAPSS launched the Regionalisation Project, with the aim of making IAPSS a more accessible, inclusive and global association. In order to respond and interact with students in every region, IAPSS should be able to organize itself in all parts of the world.

Covering more than 50 countries – spanning from the ruins of Jordan in the West, the jungles of the Timor-Leste in the East, to the mountains of Japan in the north, the IAPSS Asia Outreach Program provides an alternative avenue to students, as well as early-career researchers, and academics, to discuss key-important political issues across Asia. Furthermore, IAPSS Asia focuses more on the socio-politico side of Asian Studies, which has predominantly been the central academic discipline in studying the region.

Considering its cultural, social, as well as political diversity, the IAPSS Asia Outreach Program aims to redefine the borders of the region by providing extensive academic, as well as social support to the studentry. This support would allow us to create a much more inclusive, and active community. Such initiatives would include our dedicated Audio and Video Podcasts, which will give an opportunity to all Political Science students to share their own stories; their own experiences and purviews on some of the most pressing political and social issues of our time. The Asia Outreach Program’s Academic Blog on the other hand, would allow students to publish their own research written in their own language, with the help of the proposed Translation Committee. Different projects will also be launched through our Country Coordinators from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Nepal, and Iraq (Kurdistan) throughout the mandate.

* Ivan Harris Tanyag* Region Chairperson
* Matthew David Ordonez * External Liaison Coordinator
** Fauzan Fadliansyah ** Internal Liaison Coordinator
*** Rohit Pawar *** Outreach Coordinator
** Bonie Noor ** Media Coordinator
***** Bastian Harth ***** Academic Project Coordinator
***** Anthony Borja ***** Academic Project Coordinator

IAPSS Asia::Country Coordinators

* Savita Badjugar * India Coordinator
* Hidayat Ullah Khan * Pakistan Coordinator
* Sanjula Karki * Nepal Coordinator
* Shafiullah Kawsar * Bangladesh Coordinator
* Marvin Renelle Rollo * Philippines Coordinator
*** Jamal Anwar *** Iraq-Kurdistan Director

Work With us

If you are interested to work with us at IAPSS Asia, please contact us on: liaison.asia@iapss.org