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IAPSS Europe


IAPSS Europe has two main goals: To identify talents and to create a supportive and inspiring Europe-wide network. 
How do we want to do that? Supporting research projects and career opportunities. Through the creation of opportunities where you can develop your abilities and expertise, where you can meet other people and exchange experiences and advice!

* Giulia Zampedri * Region Chairperson
Giulia is a graduate student of Digital Communication, Policy and Innovation in Europe. Her main areas of interest are political communication, electoral studies and digital communication. She decided to join the Regionalisation Project because she wants to help create a more inclusive and strong IAPSS. Europe is a mixture of different languages, cultures and traditions and Giulia wants to bring all of them together to create a strong network of people, inspiring each other and sharing all about their common denominator: politics.
* Katsiaryna Lozka * Liaison Coordinator
Kate is about to start her postgraduate studies at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. She holds a BA in International Relations from the Belarusian State University and Master’s degree in European Studies from Comenius University in Bratislava. Kate's academic interests include EU foreign policy, security studies and peace research. Her mother tongues are Belarusian and Russian. Kate is fluent in English, has a good command of Spanish and is improving her Slovak and French. She has been involved in different voluntary activities and completed internships in several IOs and think tanks, including at OSCE and GLOBSEC. Kate joined IAPSS in August 2018 as the 2018 Academic Convention's Panels Coordinator, she was also involved in the organisation of the IAPSS 2019 winter school in Marrakech. "For me, IAPSS is where the world meets. It is a fantastic platform for the exchange of ideas and acquisition of new skills, the establishment of networks and friendship and lots of great memories of working and having fun together. By joining IAPSS Europe, I hope to share my experience and make it as positive and beneficial for the present and future IAPSS members as possible".
* Ana Nikabadze * Media Coordinator
Ana Nikabadze is an MA student of International Relations at the University of Pécs, Hungary. She is originally from Georiga. IAPSS is longing towards all she is interested in. As a student of International Relations, IAPSS is a unique opportunity for political science students to achieve their goals, being successful and believing in something that they’ve learnt before as amateurs of Plato or Immanuel Kant. She also deeply scrutinizes that IAPSS can help her to enrich her network of communications from all possible angles, whether it may accomplished by social media activities, face-to-face meetings or all-inclusivity that the organization offers its members. Moreover, being an active member in an organization such as IAPSS for her means that you will be able to overcome upcoming professional challenges that could lead to finding a dream job in the future. In her opinion, IAPSS has a huge potential to be transformed into a more inclusive youth organization that will serve not only the interests of political science students, as well as for those who do not have material access to get any type of education. Furthermore, she wants to promote education and the bright sides of it!
* Stephen Smallman * Media Coordinator
Stephen is from Manchester, UK. He decided to join IAPSS to help build a platform for other students and academics to develop their skills and share ideas. He believes that there's never been a more exciting time to study political science and IAPSS aims to demonstrate that!
**** Ryan Day **** Outreach Coordinator
Ryan is working towards his Master's in Balkan Eurasian and Central European studies soon to be in his second year. His bachelor's degree is from a school called Hope College where he got his degree in International Studies and a Minor in Russian Area Studies. He is from Alpena, Michigan in the United States and he heard about IAPSS from a mutual friend. He wanted to join because he loves being able to discuss topics with others who share his passion for Political Science and this is the perfect venue for such endeavours.
* Ilya Vadimovich Kursenko * Outreach Coordinator
Ilya Kursenko is The New York Academy of Sciences Ambassador, Youth Group member at the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation, Former Governing Body member of the European Youth Parliament. Ilya studies International Relations & International Law at Kazan Federal University. His field of academic interest is international security and arms control.

Work With Us

Kinds of partnerships the region is seeking and contact information (name, email address) of the contact person:

It is integral to engage in partnerships, in order to create more opportunities for our members. We offer a team of young talents, willing to engage to create a network of political science students! 

IAPSS Europe is interested in partnerships with universities, think tanks, lobbies, pressure groups, other youth associations and political groups. Interacting with these institutions, hosting joint events, and participating in their events is imperative for IAPSS Europe.

Do you want to help us supporting political science students, through the creation of new opportunities to develop their talents? IAPSS Europe is always open to new partnerships!

If you are interested in collaborating with IAPSS Europe please send email to: liaison.europe@iapss.org

IAPSS Ukraine

IAPSS Ukraine was established by IAPSS around 2011 in response to a significant number of political science students in Ukraine expressing interest in getting involved with initiatives of their counterparts around the globe and hosting their own events and initiatives. In 2019, this partnership was formalized with an agreement signed by officials from IAPSS Ukraine, IAPSS Europe, and IAPSS Global. IAPSS Ukraine has hundreds of members across its country who elect their own executive team.

If you are interested in getting involved with IAPSS Ukraine, you can find their Facebook group here or email their president at ukraine1@iapss.org.

31 кастрычніка 2018 года Міжнародная Асацыяцыя студэнтаў-палітолагаў (IAPSS) адзначыла сваё 20-годдзе. Каб адсвяткаваць гэтае важнае дасягненне, IAPSS запусціла праект рэгіяналізацыі з мэтай зрабіць IAPSS больш даступнай, інклюзіўнай і глабальнай асацыяцыяй. У сённяшні моцна глабалізаваны час важна мець прадстаўніцтва і забяспечыць удзел студэнтаў з усяго свету. Дзякуючы гэтаму праекту ўзнікла IAPSS Europe, гатовая даць магчымасці ўсім студэнтам-палітолагам, якія базуюцца ў Еўропе.

Паліталогія сыходзіць сваімі каранямі на еўрапейскі кантынент, прычым Еўропа нярэдка адыгрывае вырашальную ролю як у развіцці навуковай сферы, так і ў сферы палітычнай практыкі. Еўропа таксама з’яўляецца домам для некалькіх гістарычных навучальных устаноў і мазгавых цэнтраў. Таму вельмі важна, каб IAPSS Europe заставалася ў курсе апошніх тэндэнцый і пашырыла сваю прысутнасць.

Наша галоўная мэта складаецца ў тым, каб стварыць трывалую сетку студэнтаў-палітолагаў у Еўропе, падаючы ім магчымасці і інструменты для прафесійнага росту, такія як навукова-даследчыя праекты, канферэнцыі, зімовыя / летнія школы, вебінары і гэтак далей. У фарміраванні гэтай арганізацыі можа прыняць удзел любы студэнт паліталагічнага факультэта любога ўзроўню. Мы ствараем платформу, каб вы маглі выказаць свае ідэі і падзяліцца сваімі даследаваннямі. Праверце спасылку на наш раздзел аб’яваў, каб даведацца, як далучыцца да нас

On 31st October 2018, IAPSS celebrated its 20th Anniversary. To celebrate this important achievement, IAPSS launched the Regionalisation Project, with the aim of making IAPSS a more accessible, inclusive and global association. In such a heavily globalized community, it is important to have representation and participation from students around the globe. From this project, IAPSS Europe is born and ready to give opportunities to all the political science students based in Europe.

The field of political science finds its roots in the European continent, with Europe often playing a crucial role in the development of both the scientific field and the sphere of political practice. The European continent is also home to some of the most historic educational institutions and think tanks. It is therefore imperative for IAPSS Europe to remain on top of these developments and enlarge its presence.

Our main goal is to create a solid network of political science students in Europe, giving them opportunities and tools for professional growth, such as research projects, conferences, winter/summer schools, webinars, etc. Any student of political science – at any level – can participate in the formation of this organization. We provide a platform for you to express your ideas and share your research. Check our announcements section to learn how to participate with us.

Le 31 octobre 2018, Association internationale des étudiants en sciences politiques (IAPSS) a célébré son 20e anniversaire. Pour célébrer cette réalisation importante, IAPSS a lancé le projet de régionalisation dans le but de faire de IAPSS une association plus accessible, plus inclusive et plus globale. Dans une communauté aussi fortement mondialisée, il est important que les étudiants du monde entier soient représentés et participent. De ce projet, IAPSS Europe est né et prêt à donner des opportunités à tous les étudiants en sciences politiques basés en Europe.
Le domaine de la science politique trouve ses racines dans le continent européen, l’Europe jouant souvent un rôle crucial dans le développement du domaine scientifique et du champ de la pratique politique. Le continent européen abrite également certaines des institutions éducatives et des groupes de réflexion les plus historiques. Il est donc impératif que IAPSS Europe reste au courant de ces développements et renforce sa présence.
Notre objectif principal est de créer un réseau solide d’étudiants en sciences politiques en Europe, en leur offrant des opportunités et des outils de développement professionnel, tels que des projets de recherche, des conférences, des écoles d’été / d’hiver, des webinaires, etc. Tout étudiant en sciences politiques – peut participer à la formation de cette organisation. Nous vous proposons une espace pour exprimer vos idées et partager vos recherches. Consultez notre section annonces pour savoir comment participer avec nous.

Στις 31 Οκτωβρίου 2018, η IAPSS γιόρτασε την 20ή επέτειο από την ίδρυσή της. Για τον εορτασμό αυτής της σπουδαίας επιτυχίας, η IAPSS λάνσαρε το Πρόγραμμα Περιφερειοποίησης (Regionalization Project), με σκοπό να γίνει πιο προσιτή, πιο περιεκτική και παγκόσμια. Σε μια τόσο βαθιά παγκοσμιοποιημένη κοινότητα, είναι σημαντικό να υπάρχει εκπροσώπηση και συμμετοχή από όλες τις γωνιές του πλανήτη. Δημιουργημένη από το εν λόγω πρόγραμμα, η IAPSS Europe βρίσκεται σε πλήρη ετοιμότητα να προσφέρει ευκαιρίες σε όλους τους φοιτητές πολιτικής επιστήμης που διατηρούν βάση στην Ευρώπη.

Η πολιτική επιστήμη ως αντικείμενο βρίσκει τι ρίζες της στην ευρωπαϊκή ήπειρο, με την Ευρώπη να διαδραματίζει ιστορικά σπουδαίο ρόλο στην ανάπτυξη της πολιτικής τόσο ως επιστήμης όσο και στην πράξη. Η ευρωπαϊκή ήπειρος είναι, επίσης, πατρίδα πολλών από τα πιο ιστορικά εκπαιδευτικά ιδρύματα και ερευνητικά κέντρα. Κρίνεται, επομένως, εξαιρετικά κρίσιμη η παραμονή της IAPSS Europe στο επίκεντρο αυτών των εξελίξεων, αλλά και η διεύρυνση της παρουσίας της.  

Ο κυριότερος στόχος μας είναι η δημιουργία ενός πάγιου δικτύου σπουδαστών και ερευνητών πολιτικής επιστήμης στην Ευρώπη, προσφέροντάς τους ευκαιρίες και εργαλεία για επαγγελματική ανέλιξη, όπως ερευνητικά προγράμματα, συνέδρια, εποχιακά σχολεία (θερινά/χειμερινά), διαδικτυακά σεμινάρια, κ.ά. Οποιοσδήποτε και οποιαδήποτε σπουδαστής πολιτικής επιστήμης, ανεξαρτήτως επιπέδου, δύναται να συμμετέχει στη διαμόρφωση του οργανισμού. Παρέχουμε την πλατφόρμα όπου θα μπορέσετε εσείς να εκφράσετε τις ιδέες σας και να μοιραστείτε την έρευνά σας. Περιηγηθείτε στο τμήμα ανακοινώσεων για να μάθετε πώς μπορείτε και εσείς να συμμετέχετε στην IAPSS Europe!



Il 31 ottobre 2018, IAPSS ha celebrato il suo ventesimo anniversario. Per celebrare questo importante traguardo, IAPSS ha lanciato il progetto di regionalizzazione, con lo scopo di rendere IAPSS un’associazione più accessibile, inclusiva e globale. In una comunità così fortemente globalizzata, è importante avere rappresentanza e partecipazione da studenti da ogni parte del mondo. Da questo progetto è nata IAPSS Europa ed è pronta a dare opportunità a tutti gli studenti di scienze politiche collocati in Europa.

Il campo delle scienze politiche trova le sue origini nel continente europeo, l’Europa si trova spesso ad avere un ruolo cruciale nello sviluppo del campo scientifico e anche della sfera politica a livello pratico. Il continente europeo è anche la casa delle più storiche istituzioni educative e di molti think tanks. E’ quindi obbligatorio per IAPSS Europa dover rimanere al vertice di questi sviluppi e allargare la sua presenza. 

Il nostro scopo principale è a quello di creare una solida rete di studenti di scienze politiche in Europa, dando loro le opportunià e gli strumenti per una crescita professionale, come ad esempio progetti di ricerca, conferenze, scuole estive/invernali, seminari online, ecc. Qulsiasi studente di scienze politiche, a qualsiasi livello, può partecipare alla formazione di questa organizzazione. IAPSS Europa fornisce una piattaforma per esprimere le tue idee e condividere la tua ricerca. Controlla la sezione annunci per scoprire come partecipare al nostro progetto!

31 октября 2018 года Международная ассоциация студентов, изучающих политические науки (IAPSS) отметила свое 20-летие. Чтобы отметить это важное достижение, IAPSS запустила проект регионализации с целью сделать IAPSS более доступной, всеобъемлющей и глобальной ассоциацией. В таком сильно глобализированном сообществе важно иметь представительство и участие студентов во всем мире. Из этого проекта IAPSS Europe рождается и готова предоставить возможности всем студентам из политологии, базирующимся в Европе.
Область политических наук уходит своими корнями на европейский континент, причем Европа часто играет решающую роль в развитии как научной области, так и сферы политической практики. Европейский континент также является домом для некоторых из самых исторических учебных заведений и аналитических центров. Поэтому крайне важно, чтобы IAPSS Europe оставалась на вершине этих событий и расширила свое присутствие.
Наша главная цель – создать надежную сеть студентов политологии в Европе, предоставить им возможности и инструменты для профессионального роста, такие как исследовательские проекты, конференции, зимние / летние школы, вебинары и т. Д. Любой студент политологии – на любом уровне – могут участвовать в формировании этой организации. Мы предлагаем платформу для того, чтобы вы могли выразить свои идеи и поделиться своими исследованиями. Ознакомьтесь с нашим разделом объявлений, чтобы узнать, как внести свой вклад в это общее дело

Dňa 31. októbra 2018, Medzinárodná Asociácia študentov-politológov (IAPSS) oslávila svoje 20. výročie. Na oslavu tohto významného úspechu, IAPSS začala Projekt Regionalizácie, s cieľom, aby sa IAPSS stala prístupnejšia, inkluzívnejšia a aby sa z nej stala globálnejšia asociácia. V takto silne globalizovanej dobe, je dôležité zabezpečiť účasť študentov z celého sveta. Z tohto projektu IAPSS sa zrodilo aj samostatné odvetvie pre Európu, ktoré je pripravené poskytnúť príležitosti študentom politických vied so sídlom v Európe.

Korene politickej vedy nachádzame aj na Európskom kontinente, pričom Európa často hrala a hrá kľúčovú úlohu v rozvoji vedeckej oblasti a oblasti politickej praxe. Európsky kontinent je domovom pre niektoré najstaršie vzdelávacie inštitúcie a think-tanky. Je preto nevyhnutné pre tento Európsky projekt pod záštitou IAPSS, zostať na vrchole takéhoto vývoja či dokonca rozšíriť svoju prítomnosť.

Našim hlavným cieľom je vytvoriť pevnú sieť študentov politických vied v Európe, poskytnúť im možnosti a nástroje pre profesionálny rast – ako napríklad výskumné projekty, konferencie, zimné/letné školy, webové semináre, atď. Každý študent politológie – na akejkoľvek úrovni – sa môže podieľať na vzniku tejto organizácie. Ponúkame platformu, aby ste mohli vyjadriť svoje myšlienky a podeliť sa so svojim výskumom. Pozrite si naše sekcie oznamov, aby ste sa dozvedeli, ako sa k nám pripojiť.


El 31 de octubre de 2018, Asociación Internacional de Estudiantes de Ciencias Políticas (IAPSS) celebró su vigésimo aniversario. Para celebrar este importante logro, IAPSS lanzó el Proyecto de Regionalización, con el objetivo de hacer de IAPSS una asociación más accesible, inclusiva y global. En una comunidad tan globalizada, es importante contar con la representación y la participación de estudiantes de todo el mundo. A partir de este proyecto, IAPSS Europe nace y está listo para brindar oportunidades a todos los estudiantes de ciencias políticas en Europa.
El campo de la ciencia política encuentra sus raíces en el continente europeo, y Europa juega a menudo un papel crucial en el desarrollo tanto del campo científico como de la esfera de la práctica política. El continente europeo es también el hogar de algunas de las instituciones educativas y los think tanks más históricos. Por lo tanto, es imperativo que IAPSS Europa esté al tanto de estos desarrollos y amplíe su presencia.
Nuestro objetivo principal es crear una red sólida de estudiantes de ciencias políticas en Europa, brindándoles oportunidades y herramientas para el crecimiento profesional, como proyectos de investigación, conferencias, escuelas de invierno / verano, seminarios web, etc. Cualquier estudiante de ciencias políticas, a cualquier nivel – Se puede participar en la formación de esta organización. Ofrecemos una plataforma para que usted exprese sus ideas y comparta su investigación. Consulta nuestra sección de anuncios para saber cómo participar con nosotros.

IAPSS, 20. Yıldönümünü 31 Ekim 2018’de kutladı. Bu önemli başarıyı kutlamak için, IAPSS, IAPSS’yi daha erişilebilir, kapsayıcı ve küresel bir dernek yapmak amacıyla Bölgeselleştirme Projesini başlattı. Bu derece yoğun bir şekilde küreselleşmiş bir toplulukta, dünyadaki öğrencilerden temsil ve katılım sağlamak önemlidir. Bu bağlamda, IAPSS Avrupa doğdu ve Avrupa merkezli tüm siyaset bilimi öğrencilerine fırsat sağlamaya hazır.

Siyaset bilimi alanı, Avrupa kıtasında köklenmiştir; Avrupa, hem bilimsel alanın hem de siyaset pratiğinin gelişiminde önemli bir rol oynamaktadır. Avrupa kıtası aynı zamanda, en tarihi eğitim kurumlarından ve düşünce kuruluşlarından çoğuna ev sahipliği yapmaktadır. Bu nedenle, IAPSS Avrupa’nın bu gelişmelerin zirvesinde kalması ve varlığını genişletmesi zorunludur.

Asıl amacımız, Avrupa’da güçlü bir siyaset bilimi öğrencisi ağı oluşturmak; onlara araştırma projeleri, konferanslar, kış / yaz okulları, web seminerleri, vb. gibi profesyonel büyüme fırsatları ve araçları sunmaktır. Herhangi bir düzeyde siyaset bilimi öğrencisi, bu organizasyonun şekillenmesine katılabilir. Fikirlerinizi ifade etmeniz ve araştırmalarınızı paylaşmanız için bir platform sağlıyoruz. Bize nasıl katılacağınızı öğrenmek için duyurular bölümümüzü inceleyin.