Welcome to the 26th IAPSS General Assembly!

Welcome to the 26th IAPSS General Assembly!

15th December 2017
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Welcome to the 26th IAPSS General Assembly!

The IAPSS Executive Committee warmly welcomes you to the Discussion Forum ahead of the 26th IAPSS General Assembly (GA) to be held online between 29 and 30 December 2017. The GA is the highest decision-making body of IAPSS. In accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the Association, this GA will take place online, in order to enable all our members, all over the world, to participate. All individual and association members of IAPSS will get access to the online discussion and voting platform through their MyIAPSS accounts.

IAPSS is a platform for you, as students and junior researchers in Political Science and related disciplines, so your comments and views are very important to us. We would love to hear what you think or suggestions that you might have for us. Please read the important information below before you proceed:

    • The Discussion Forum will be open between 24 December 23:59 CET and 30 December 2017 23:59 CET.
    • All proposals and documents have been published on MyIAPSS, visible to our members. Below each proposal you will find a comment section which is intended for general questions, comments and feedback from you. The comments will be displayed under your first and last name visible for all other members. During this phase, the Executive Committee will review all submitted comments and discuss whether to change any of the original proposals, based on these comments.
    • The first part of the voting – the vote on the GA Board and Agenda – will take place between 27 December 12:00 CET and 28 December 2017 12:00 CET. Shortly afterwards, the results of the votes will be published.
    • The second part of the voting will take place between 29 December 00:01 CET and 30 December 2017 23:59 CET. The results will be published and communicated to all our members shortly afterwards.

General Assembly Agenda 

  1. Vote on the Agenda
  2. Vote on the General Assembly Board
  3. Finances
    1. Financial Administration 2015 (Balance 2015, Statements 2015)
    2. Report by Supervisory Committee 2015-2016
    3. Budget 2018
  4. Advisory vote on destination of IAPSS Academic Convention
  5. Feedback

The IAPSS Executive Committee would like to thank you for your time and effort. We look forward to your feedback during this discussion forum and your participation at the 26th General Assembly.

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The Executive Committee is the executive body of the association. It consists of the President, Secretary-General, Treasurer, Head of Academic Department, Head of Events Department, Head of World Congress, Head of Convention and Head of the International Cooperation & Public Relations Department. Members are elected to this body at the General Assembly, taking place in April each year.

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