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Four things the Hunger Games trilogy wants you to know about revolution and resistance
December 4, 2014

In an article I have written early this year, I discussed the political dimension of the Hunger Games trilogy using Immanuel…

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Say what you mean, mean what you say: A look into the politics of language
July 17, 2014

The disagreement if whether or not language exists independently from politics is little to none. Conservatives think that language per…

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The Matter with Occupy
February 22, 2014

If it occupies space and has mass—then it’s matter! (Please excuse the pun.) And the real matter here is the Occupy…

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What does Antonio Gramsci have to say about holiday shoppers?
December 25, 2013

As the Christmas season starts anew, I cannot help but notice that malls and bazaars are ridiculously jam-packed with a euphoric…

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