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Japan and South Korea: the security competition within reluctant cooperation
February 10, 2018

Guest Post by Esther Brito, member of the IAPSS Conflict, Security & Crime Student Research Committee. Japan and South Korea have a…

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Water Crisis and its Impact on International Security: Water Scarcity as the Next Great Driver of Conflicts
February 9, 2017

 “Of all the social and natural crises we humans face, the water crisis is the one that lies at the heart…

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The dynamics of cooperation (Part 1): The evolution of a concept
June 7, 2014

Cooperation is a complex topic worth exploring. We know that development aids have existed for years, attempting to foster economical, social,…

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The United States’ Diplomatic Choices for Latin America: Focusing on Issues and Friends
February 27, 2014

Throughout the last decade, it has become apparent that the United States is no longer basing its relations with Latin America and the…

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