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IAPSS May 23, 2020 General Assembly and Elections Results
May 26, 2020

Dear IAPSS Members, The results of the May 23, 2020 IAPSS General Assembly and Elections are as follows: Motions Approval of…

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Immigration and the rise of European populists
November 16, 2017

The true force propelling populism in Europe is not immigration. The German elections sealed a cycle of elections in Europe and…

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Normalizing xenophobia in Europe
May 25, 2017

Many Europeans rightfully rejoiced at the defeat of Marine Le Pen in the French Presidential elections. Both Le Pen’s nationalist rhetoric…

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A ‘Populist’ Guide to Europe’s 2017 Elections
April 28, 2017

The elections of March 15th in The Netherlands officially opened the long season of electoral consultations scheduled in many EU Member…

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Ghana, a consolidated Democracy? Reflections on the December 2016 Elections
January 30, 2017

In Africa, Ghana’s impressive democratic credentials make for a consolidated democracy. In most conceivable ways, the country continues to distinguish itself…

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Crazy Little Thing Called Miriam
April 28, 2016

Is the third time really the charm? One woman who runs for the third time as president of the Philippines thinks…

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Democratic standards and the role of international observers in Haiti’s elections.
April 5, 2016

Despite being the first country to have independently developed in Latin America – whose anniversary of 212 years of independence was…

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Grace Under Pressure: From Expat to President
March 9, 2016

Globalization brought people to work, live, and acquire citizenship in other countries outside one’s homeland. The example of European Union and favorable immigration…

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