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The Scottish National Party and Independence (Part II): (Dis)Union?
July 3, 2015

Author’s Note: The first part of the article can be found here ( As mentioned in the previous article, not is…

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Turkey’s power in the Mediterranean region and the implications on its relations with the European Union
June 20, 2015


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Irregular immigration and the EU system: Towards a multifaceted solution
May 10, 2015

On April 20th 2015 a boat carrying migrants from Libya to Italy capsized and sank off the Mediterranean Sea, causing the…

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The Eurozone crisis: Unfulfilled expectations and new awareness
April 18, 2015

Since its outbreak in 2009, the European sovereign debt crisis has unveiled the main deficiencies of the Eurozone system. While it…

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Fracking Europe: The Solution?
February 23, 2015

No non-renewables were used for the production of this article. The exploration of resources in the earth’s shale layer has been…

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The process of reconciliation in Western Balkans: Towards European integration of the region
December 21, 2014

  The process of reconciliation in the Western Balkan States is one of the most important steps towards the Euro –…

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Federalization of Europe (United States of Europe)
September 28, 2014

In this article I will tackle the idea of federalization of Europe (with its positive and negative sides) and how it…

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Ukraine at the crossroads between the EU and Russia
February 2, 2014

Twenty four years since the fall of the Berlin Wall it seems like the international political scene has not changed at…

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The Euro Zone: Not One, But Two
December 16, 2013

The Greek drama for the Euro Zone crisis is reaching its peak, ultimately at different points—and they say when you…

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Can political science theory influence political practices? The case of EU’s Open Method of Co-ordination
December 7, 2013

Editor’s Note: This article was written by former ADV author and editor-in-chief Iva Kopraleva. When we think about political science theories…

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