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Italy: An Oracle on Populism
January 25, 2017

* This article was originally published by CEE New Perspectives, companion blog of the academic journal New Perspectives, published by the Institute…

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The Japanese developmental state: A review of The Miracle
July 18, 2015

The first chapter of the book The Miracle: The Epic Story of Asia’s Quest for Wealth entitled The Radio that Changed…

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The Scottish National Party and Independence (Part II): (Dis)Union?
July 3, 2015

Author’s Note: The first part of the article can be found here ( As mentioned in the previous article, not is…

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Perhaps democracy was not meant for Africa
March 23, 2015

Since the 1990s, most African countries turned to democracy to overturn the negative effects of authoritarianism in the previous decades. However,…

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Miracle in marshland: The Singaporean developmental state story
March 3, 2015

The third chapter of Michael Schuman’s book The Miracle: The Epic Story of Asia’s Quest for Wealth entitled Minister Mentor’s Asian Values…

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From militarism to media: The evolution of Japanese nationalism in the face of anime and manga
May 15, 2014

Editor’s Note: This article was written by former ADV author Mikaella Darum. The plot is familiar. A Japanese character and his…

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