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Crossing the Rubicon? Duterte and His Independent Foreign Policy
November 4, 2016

The Facebook page of the United States Embassy at Manila posted a picture of the US armed forces assisting the Philippines during…

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Change is Coming: Socialismo or Dutertismo?
May 26, 2016

The spectre of socialism is haunting the Philippines, or is it? A Filipino politician who claims to be a socialist just…

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Marred Road? The Weary Liberal Technocrat
May 7, 2016

Liberals are mostly known to be the ideal balance of political ideologies. As centrists, they can place themselves anywhere on the…

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Crazy Little Thing Called Miriam
April 28, 2016

Is the third time really the charm? One woman who runs for the third time as president of the Philippines thinks…

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Grace Under Pressure: From Expat to President
March 9, 2016

Globalization brought people to work, live, and acquire citizenship in other countries outside one’s homeland. The example of European Union and favorable immigration…

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Lord Binay and the Empire of Makati
February 1, 2016

In the post-authoritarian unitary system of government in the Philippines, local politicians who want to thrive into national politics will be…

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Manny Pacquiao: The Political Animal
June 5, 2015

Manny Pacquiao, underperforming within his standards, lost against the undefeated Floyd Mayweather in a what Filipinos call a “boring” fist fight dubbed…

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Your partner in health? Probing into the challenges faced by the Philippine national health insurance program
March 17, 2015

The Philippines is considered as one of the Asian countries which boast a long history of social health insurance system. Former…

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Peace be with you: The future of peace in Southern Philippines (Part II)
February 20, 2015

Author’s Note: Part I of this article can be found here ( To what the Moro rebels thought would be an…

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Sunday Bloody Sunday: The future of peace in Southern Philippines (Part 1)
February 8, 2015

The ongoing peace process in Mindanao, a region south of the Philippines where a long-standing war between Muslim settlers and government…

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