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Should prisoners be allowed to vote in the upcoming UK election?
March 16, 2015

With just two months to go until the UK general election, forecasting experts in the field of political science are expecting…

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Gender Inequality: The Primary Determinants of a Universal Phenomenon
March 2, 2015

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and in rights…

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Peace be with you: The future of peace in Southern Philippines (Part II)
February 20, 2015

Author’s Note: Part I of this article can be found here ( To what the Moro rebels thought would be an…

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Sunday Bloody Sunday: The future of peace in Southern Philippines (Part 1)
February 8, 2015

The ongoing peace process in Mindanao, a region south of the Philippines where a long-standing war between Muslim settlers and government…

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Is there a need to redefine political science in this age of intellectual aristocracy?
June 9, 2014

Could defining an established concept such as political science be perplexing? An abundance of extant literature about the matter will show…

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All’s Fair in Love and Politics?
April 11, 2014

“The personal is political”, so says the title of the essay written by the feminist Carol Hanisch. And the same goes…

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The unique nature of politics and the role of the political scientists today
March 2, 2014

Editor’s Note: This article was written by former ADV author and editor-in-chief Iva Kopraleva. Two articles have been published so far…

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Beyond the theoretical: What does the world expect from the political scientists of today?
February 15, 2014

During my first year in the university, we were asked if why we chose Political Science as our college degree. When…

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