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Beyond Belief: the modern tragedy of refugees
April 26, 2017

Refugee levels have increased significantly recently due to conflicts globally. Today a total of 65.3 million people around the world have…

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The Dangers of Identity Politics
February 27, 2017

Only a few decades ago we were cheering the theorization of the world as a ‘global village’. The contraction of time…

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The Visegrad Four: A Controversial Stand Against Migration
November 22, 2016

The refugee crisis has hit severely the EU as whole. While people in search of international protection are still dying at…

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Germany’s Price Tag for Merkel’s Refugee Politics
November 8, 2016

„Mein rechter, rechter Platz ist frei, ich wünsche mir den/die … herbei! [My right-hand, right-hand spot is free, I wish ……

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Not the Change we want, but the Change we Need: the UN Convention on Refugees
September 1, 2015

Amidst growing media and public concern relating to the widespread plight of refugees, inching in media rhetoric from the tentative ‘refugee…

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Irregular immigration and the EU system: Towards a multifaceted solution
May 10, 2015

On April 20th 2015 a boat carrying migrants from Libya to Italy capsized and sank off the Mediterranean Sea, causing the…

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The socio-cultural impact of cross-border refugee flows and the possible spread of conflicts in host countries in Africa
April 16, 2015

Many developing host communities often face forms of socio-cultural change, including a challenged sense of identity and the increased visibility of…

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Non-civil disobedience: Hunger strike of refugees in Munich
July 23, 2013

Editor’s Note: This article was written by former ADV author Falko Blumenthal. They are calling themselves non-citizens. Refugees, displaced persons, asylum-seekers:…

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