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IAPSS Live | Gerald Schneider on EU Russia Sanctions
December 19, 2018

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The World Cup? It is all about politics!
July 8, 2018

To keep sports out of politics is a very sound idea, but it is definitely not possible during the World Cup….

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The Syrian Crisis: Hurdles to Achieve Political Settlement
April 10, 2018

Guest Post by Tamer Mahboub  Since the beginning of diplomatic endeavors regarding the political settlement trajectory of the ongoing conflict in…

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Russia’s “Zapad”: What to Expect from It?
October 15, 2017

Leaving behind the ghosts of the Cold War era, Europe now faces the challenges of a globalized world. Russia no longer…

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The revision of the EU’s European Neighbourhood Policy and the instability on its Eastern border
February 6, 2017

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, the European Union (EU) has revised its European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) in 2015. This policy…

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Democratic standards and the role of international observers in Haiti’s elections.
April 5, 2016

Despite being the first country to have independently developed in Latin America – whose anniversary of 212 years of independence was…

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Friends in Weakness, Foes in Strength: Turkey and Russia
December 22, 2015

Turkish F-16s shot down a Russian military jet along the Syrian border on on November 24, 2015. Since than the flames…

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How to deal with the Caliphate?
December 7, 2015

In memory of all victims of terrorism. In a more and more interconnected and integrated reality which is the world…

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Putin: The Great Interventionist!
October 3, 2015

Russia has intervened Syrian crisis with a small but significant military force deployment Latakia. And October 1st onwards, hours after Russian…

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Economic Sanctions: A Violation of Human Rights?
May 30, 2015

The devastation of an atom bomb displayed in the closing moments of the Second World War in Japan, was an indicator…

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