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The Attack of Syria: Consequences for the World Order
May 19, 2018

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the bombing of Syrian facilities by the Alliance of the US, Great…

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The Syrian Crisis: Hurdles to Achieve Political Settlement
April 10, 2018

Guest Post by Tamer Mahboub  Since the beginning of diplomatic endeavors regarding the political settlement trajectory of the ongoing conflict in…

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The attack on Syria and the new chapter of the western imperialist hypocrisy
April 30, 2017

Aggression is the use of armed force by a State against the sovereignty, territorial integrity or political independence of another State,…

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Beyond Belief: the modern tragedy of refugees
April 26, 2017

Refugee levels have increased significantly recently due to conflicts globally. Today a total of 65.3 million people around the world have…

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Don’t Let ISIS Get Away With Genocide
April 25, 2017

„Don’t let ISIS get away with Genocide”, demanded human rights lawyer Amal Clooney in her speech on March 9, 2017, at…

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How to deal with the Caliphate?
December 7, 2015

In memory of all victims of terrorism. In a more and more interconnected and integrated reality which is the world…

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Putin: The Great Interventionist!
October 3, 2015

Russia has intervened Syrian crisis with a small but significant military force deployment Latakia. And October 1st onwards, hours after Russian…

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Like Oil and Water? Islam and Democracy in the Middle East
September 12, 2015

Author’s Note: This article was previously written in 2011 without a title during the height of the Arab Spring. At that…

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Why are US boots not on the ground in the fight against ISIS? (part 2)
July 14, 2015

Bashar Al-Assad, president of Syria has also been blamed for creating conditions which spawned the rise of ISIS in Syria. Assad…

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Why are US boots not on the ground in the fight against ISIS? (part 1)
July 14, 2015

The unforeseen rise of ISIS as an Islamic radical group, has ambitiously captured vast lands in Iraq and Syria with the…

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